My Bucket List

No matter how many blogs I go through (this is my third blogging site) I plan on keeping my bucket list on there. It’s an almost tangible reminder of all the things I would like to do, and most of which I certainly “plan” on doing anyway. Feel free to check on this periodically 😀

1. climb a mountain

2. skydive   YES! I finally did this one!! It was scary but so great! Sunday, 6-5-11, with friends Kayla and Ethan.

3. Go to Egypt, China (January 2012),  Japan August 2012, Ireland,  Australia,  Russia, India, Canada,  Peru,and California (San Francisco to be exact)   March 2011

4. Learn to shoot a gun and get a permit to carry

5. scuba dive

6. ride one of the world’s scariest roller coasters

7. learn to play chess

8. learn how to play the drums

9. be in a play or short production

10. be less awkward

11. learn how to put on eyeliner (the inside of your eyelids way)

12. learn how to do a cartwheel

13. walk a hundred miles in a specific length of time, say, a month

14. do a walk for charity

15. write a book about my life

16. milk a cow

17. learn how to drive a stick shift

18. sit in the audience at the olympics

19. learn how to speak a foreign language at an intermediate level. I have started German in college, and would like to know German (or Spanish since so many speak it around the US)

20. study abroad

22. listen to the song “moving right along” while on a road trip  During 2-18-13’s drive home from  Birmingham

23. learn how to Ballroom dance or Salsa. * [sort of. i only went once. haha]

24. ride on a real locomotive

25. be on a jury

26. witness something truly majestic

27. spend a new year’s eve at a place i really want to visit

28. volunteer for 5 different organizations or more for at least a month (so far: Adult Literacy Council)

29. buy my clothes from a thrift store exclusively, for 6 months

30. have a road trip With Morgan Schroeder in September 2012, we went to West Virginia

31. write my will

32. go on a camping trip.

33.overcome my fear of failure when taking risks by taking them

34. try kangaroo meat in Austrailia

35. give to a charity anonymously

36. create my own web page

37. visit Jerusalem

38. go skiing

39. try a new sport for 3 months

40. take a self-defense class

41. ride in a hot air balloon

42. visit the pyramids (see above)

43. subscribe to national geographic when I get my own apartment

44. go white-water rafting

45. own a hen named Roseanne. or a duck named Aflac. or both

46. read a dictionary

47. stay up for a really long time (over a day) and then sleep a lot afterwards and never stay up that long ever again

48. see the northern lights

49. skinny dip in my pool. i was by myself; i’m not scandalous or anything 😛

50. keep snail mail correspondence for half a year  With Emmanuelle! 2010-Present 🙂

51. treat each day as if it were my last

52. ride first class in an airplane!

53. take a really long airplane trip (Australia would count)

54. Fall in love with and marry the love of my life

55. make decisions for myself

56. water skii

57. play in the mud, splatters & everything Mudbowl 2009 🙂

58. pretend to be a superhero, all day. with tights and a cape. around town.

59. have lifelong friends

60. scream/laugh like a madwoman in the most serious place ever. * 30 minute laugh session on campus

61. test drive a REALLY fancy car

62. leave a note saying i’ll be back in a week, and then go someplace

63. watch the running of the bulls while in spain

64. learn to sail

65. find a four leaf clover

66. see a show on broadway

67. see all 50 states.*** really want to do this one. 23 so far! Want to road trip, anyone?

68. invent something and patent it

69. meet someone famous for something good

70. learn how to invest money

71. meet a U.S. president

72. take a photography class

73. graduate from college

74. go parasailing!

75. Read all of the Bible January 2010-March 7 2011. Yeah!!

76. learn some braille

77. be in the audience of a tv or game show

78. learn to write with my left hand

79. Go on an international mission trip

80. visit Machu Picchu (see above)

81. kiss in the rain.

82. anonymously pay for someone’s meal 6-25-10

83. go paragliding

84. be in a flash mob. Fall 2009 (‘Twas a mini-mob lol)

85. sing in the rain

86. wear a white shirt or dress on the beach  August 2011

87. write a book for children

88. learn how to cook at least 10 recipes with confidence by the time I am 30 (So far: Spaghetti )

89. graduate college with a 3.5 (cum laude) 5-6-11! 😀

90. take a sewing class

91. get kissed under mistletoe

92. go zorbing

93. go on a roadtrip to the west coast (California or Oregon)

94. do a sprint  Triathlon

95. have a song written about me

96. Visit The Taj Mahal

97.Visit the Great Wall of China January 22 2012!

98.Visit Mount Rushmore

99. See the Golden Gate Bridge in Person

100. memorize all the books of the Bible

101. get a Master’s degree (if God calls me to it)

102. have or adopt a little girl and give her the middle name Lucille (either way I would only do if I had a husband….my child/children will a family that is together, Lord willing);)

103. Learn basic sign language

104. Own a claw foot bathtub

105. See fireflies in sync at smokey mtns! Apply to elkmont 6 mos in advance.

106. Visit all the Continents

107. Run a marathon (I actually thought this one was already one here so I added it just now)  February 17th, 2013!!!

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