A stream of consciousness post about flying to Korea

Awesome things about flying on Asiana:
1. Free blanket and nice little pillow.
2. Free little slippers
3. Hot towel to wash hands/face with
4. In-flight meals.  Hello deliciousness!

Just so you know: this is written on three hours’ sleep and not much else. At first I meant only to put “important” things, but then I decided to put in everything  🙂

Nashville- I was a whopping 25 pounds over what United Airlines allowed. Eventually, Dad was able to find out that Continental Airlines ( right next to United ) sold a duffel bag for $45 dollars. It was a life-saver, though it means I know have four bags within my possession 😦  The plane ride to Chicago was uneventful, fortunately.

Chicago- I had the amazing good fortune to meet two students about to study abroad in Korea, Craig and Chelsea. They seemed to both come from TN tech. Together we found our way to the correct terminal, after some initial confusion. More bad news came for me after visiting Asiana airlines ticket counter, as one of my carry-on bags was deemed too heavy and would be charged. The man at the counter allowed me to transfer stuff to my remaining carry-on bag with no charge. I became concerned, though, as this means more could get lost.
Getting on the airplane was a pleasant experience. Meal 1 was really good. I decided to give the Korean food a try, seeing as I will be eating it regularly soon enough.  It was Bibimbab, this amazing dish made up of steamed rice, various vegetables, and minced beef. On the side were soup, kimchi, and some fruit. I would provide a photo, but unfortunately I left my camera in my last checked bag…. It was pure deliciousness, but not especially filling.

As of the sixth hour of flying, I am going so stir crazy. I know that getting up only once every so often helps some, but I am staying put for the moment. I have a Korean
Woman on my left side and a relatively young looking Korean man on my right. I have been trying to sleep but have just hardly been able to nap. Right now we are passing over Alaska, right around Fairbanks. It is so crazy to me, because I just finished reading Into the Wild on this flight. I loved the film as well. I admire Chris Mcandless’s determination and courage, even though neither could save him from starvation in the Alaskan wild.  R.I.P., Chris.

6.5  left! We are just now getting close to passing over the international date line, which is immensely exciting for me 🙂 I am starting to wonder when the next meal is. As cool as it is that every seat has its own screen, the movie selection is lacking (to me). The upside is that Funniest home videos is one of the options.  

Just got the snack. Ham and cheese sandwiches! I am feeling so weird right now. I am really going to Korea! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I just watched Thor, and this time the television screen cooperated with me. We have a tiny fraction over two hours to go. At times I have felt like I was going to go crazy, but the time has somehow sped through. I am really nervous about stepping outside of this aircraft and into this culture I have never before experienced…..and I am terrified of even the thought of carrying my luggage away from baggage claim….maybe they will have one of those carts I can put my luggage on. I can only hope!

Second meal- this time I chose the “western” dish. It was Chicken Pomodoro with mashed potato, and a few veggies and fruits on the side. I am surprised to say I liked the first meal more….then again I was starved when we had the first meal.

Descending into South Korea…let the culture shock begin 😛

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