This post is a bit about orientation. Now that it is a week behind me, I can finally try to write about it.

My first night in Korea was spent in a Guest House that the Recruiter put us into. It was at no cost to me, so I assume the recruiting company paid for it.

So the Orientation….It was really long. I mean, We had stuff to do every day, from 9:00 am-9pm. Occasionally we might get done sooner, but for the most part we were stuck in the hotel. After we were done in the evenings, most of the other people went out to drink or find a place to drink at. I am comfortably boring, and I stayed at the hotel every single night except to get groceries and to go out to eat one time.

We learned some basic Korean phrases, and endured lecture after lecture about either teaching techniques or how to motivate kids. Some of the lectures were pretty good; Other lectures were either hard to understand because English was the speaker’s second language, or were just too long. All of the lectures were generally set to be or took about 2 hours. We would get breaks for lunch and dinner, but by the end of the day everyone wanted to be anywhere but our hotel. In all, we supposedly went through a 60-hour training session. We were given certificates at the end of Orientation to prove it. The whole thing lasted from 9/1 through 9/6. It was a long couple of days, to be sure.

<u>Medical Test</u>- Not too bad. We had to be weighed, tested for colorblindness, we had to look at one of those vision boards, pee test, blood drawing, teeth check, and I don’t remember what else. A girl cried, I mean bawled at the blood test. I felt SO nervous after that, like it was contagious or something. But the needle was so small it wasn’t even worth worrying about.

<u>Incheon Tour</u>- Something of a joke. But…it was free. We visited this museum of Incheon, and had to make three crafts. One of them was actually pretty cool, it was like a hacky sack but Korean style. We visited this building called Compact Smart City. Incheon is a very ambitious city….is what we learned from that. We honestly didn’t get a real tour of Incheon at all. The highlight was when we went to this local Chocolate making place and got to “make” our own chocolate pieces (they were pre-made but we drizzled hot chocolate and white chocolate over them) The selling point according to our sheets of paper we were given for the tour was that we were “making Chocolate with Incheon natives” haha.

<b>Meeting Co-Teacher Day</b> I was so nervous/excited to meet my co-teacher. The last day of orienation we all had to perform either skits or introductions, and my group went last. My c0-teacher took a while to get there, but seemed nice at first. (Since then, I have found her to be unhelpful as far as helping me get things settled)



4 thoughts on “Orientation”

  1. Hahaha One day I asked my friend why the ATMs by dongam were outside (in the square, near cafe benne) and he guessed it was so that johns could take out money and pay the hookers when the banks were closed at night. Luckily, I never had any problems, always felt safe even if it was really late. Hope you are enjoying leaving by the arts centre, it was one of my fave hangouts in Incheon (much better than Bupyeong, IMHO). Not sure if you’ve been before, but there is a restaurant right beside Rio’s called 2nd that has a really nice ambience.

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