Tonight was the first night this weekend that I didn’t have plans, and I had things I wanted/needed to do, so it wasn’t boredom. I’ve got to develop a hobby here. I keep talking about cooking, so I’ll start that soon. Ham and Cheese sandwiches are only going to be fun for so long.

So, I feel silly putting it as a Facebook status (for now) because I want to seem resolute, like I’m really here and not missing home. Well, I’m not so much missing my “house” or state or country as I am missing my friends.

I want so much to be more independent, but missing them doesn’t mean I’m not independent. (Though I am am more dependent than I would like). It just means that I have friends I love and miss back home who can’t be here with me. GOSH I miss you guys! I want to have some skype chats soon.

One thought on “homesick”

  1. Missing friends does not make you dependant.
    It makes you human!
    Nothing wrong with being homesick every now and again, as long as it does not take control of you.
    I live in Sweden since 2003 and get homesick at times!

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