The weird things I do in Korea….buying an animal onesie!

UPDATE: This is one of my most popular posts. People usually are searching “Where can I get animal onesies in Korea” or “Onesies in Korea.” I got mine from  Here’s another website as well: You’ll have to get a Korean friend with a credit card to help you with the ordering process. The site is in Korean.

Yesterday (with the help of a co-teacher) I ordered an animal onesie/one piece pajama suit. I didn’t know such things could exist outside of Halloween, but Korea can be an interesting place for anything cutesy. I wanted a frog suit, but neither of the two places I looked had my size, and I didn’t know any more websites. It’s supposed to be a raccoon. I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

This is what I will receiving in the mail soon! Raccoon onesie!

EDIT: I got it in the mail today!! I thought the mail didn’t run on Saturdays here so it was a very pleasant surprise!

Wearing my new raccoon onesie

It seems a little big, but I guess that is the style, and the model is simply misleading. What do you guys think?

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6 thoughts on “The weird things I do in Korea….buying an animal onesie!”

    1. haha do it! But if you plan to go home after this (or anywhere) keep in mind they’re kinda heavy! I will get mine to the next place…but it will be an effort!

  1. is there a shop in korea because ky sister is on a trip and i told her to buy it. But she doesn’t know which shop or mall to go to. Any suggestion? btw I need answers instantly 🙂

    1. I don’t know if there’s an in-person store, sorry :\ I never came upon one when I was there.

      Here are two sites: Here’s another website as well:

      If your sister is there long enough and makes some Korean friends, she could ask them to order it for her and then the package can go to their address. My onesie arrived one or maybe two days later, it was fast.

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