11-11-11 run!

So on 11-11-11,

It’s Pepero Day in Korea. It’s similar to Valentine’s Day, except that the reason it exists is because someone apparently thought that 11-11 looks like four pepero sticks stuck together. On this day, a lot of kids give their teachers some of this candy. I was really depressed, (because on Facebook all the other teachers were talking about how their kids gave them tons of boxes) until the end of the day, when two little girls from song club gave me a long sticks of candy apiece. One even included this sweet little note:

Aww! This makes teaching all those other mean kids worth it!

That night I went on a run. I joined my new friend Lindsay (who is unfortunately leaving this next week!) for 11 kilometers in Seoul. It started at 11 pm. The race was tough for me because I haven’t run that long in forever! (11 kilometers is about 6.8 miles. I ran out quickly in the first half, and I struggled immensely in the second. Somehow I managed to finish in 53:38! I think that’s somewhere around an 8 minute mile…which is decent for me considering how little I have run this year!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Afterward we met her friend (whose name I have unfortunately forgotten) and went a night market. I found some socks, some “nike” sweatpants, and some winter-themed tights. Not a bad haul, but I had hoped to find shoes. All in all, it was really fun. I didn’t get back home until 3:30! And somehow I didn’t get to bed until 5:00 am, so it was a long day the next day.

More from the weekend…

Today I went to Incheon Grand Park, and it was really nice! I didn’t get a super good idea of the layout of the park, but it was SO calming to watch all the kids flying their cheap plastic kites. I got asked (I presume from the gestures) if I was cold because I wasn’t wearing a jacket. It was so lovely! I’m sad that fall will end soon. If it’s anything like Fall was, Winter will be this abrupt change, from one day in Fall to the First day in Winter. At least, that’s about how it was for us here.

Hope you enjoyed this post. More later,



2 thoughts on “11-11-11 run!”

    1. Thanks for all the support GS! I never realized how much my friends meant to me until I was so far away from all of them! (And in your case, I’m farther away than before! I think.) ๐Ÿ™‚

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