Home sweet Home?

So there’s the possibility I might fly home for a few days in late February. Lol Mom didn’t express much interest in coming to Korea, and Dad doesn’t even have a passport/hasn’t expressed any interest either. I was disappointed, because a lot of other people’s family members are going to visit. Rather than try to go somewhere exotic….(I’m already spending a bunch of money on my China trip in February,) I want to try to save a little money by getting a cheapish flight home. It’s one of those times where I’m really happy that Mom works for the airline industry. I hope some people will be in town during that time.

Edit: I’ve unofficially been approved by the VP/Principal to go home over break. I have a headache from how nervous I was. They said to please do a good job on the winter camp and that they were afraid I wouldn’t come back.


3 thoughts on “Home sweet Home?”

  1. A (cheap) trip home sounds nice. Sorry to hear your family and friends are being hesitant in visiting you. Perhaps time and money are an issue?
    When I lived “up north” I had my mum and a rare guest visiting, now I am in the capital….they came in the beginning…let’s see who’s left after a while 🙂

    1. For Dad, he has expressed some interest in Europe but without ever getting another passport. Mom says that time and money are both issues. Are you saying you get fewer visitors now that you are out of the Northern part of Sweden? Stockholm is so nice though!

  2. I had more visitors in the beginning, after my move to the capital. Hardly any (except family) in the north.
    But today I heard that I get to have time off to visit YOU!!! YAY!!!

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