packages received last week

I know, I know, I said I would keep this thing up to date, and look what has happened! Well, never fear, this blog will update you on how great these people are I call my friends. I may be the most vocal person of all my friends here in Korea, but sometimes I think I have the best friends from back home (and abroad) that I could ever hope for.

These two packages are from my wonderful and amazing friends Nikki and Carmen:
Nikki sent me two CDs and the movie Say Anything, a throwback from our Freshman year days where blockbuster still existed and (I think) there were still 99 cent rentals. I had passed by the movie at some point, but then as I was looking at other videos it struck me and I said to Nikki “Have you ever seen that movie where the guy has a boombox over his head on the cover?” Nikki gasps because she was just looking at the same box. It was then that we knew we were destined to watch it. We watched some good movies that year. The best were Night and The Roxbury, Say Anything, and Good Will Hunting. I feel compelled to watch at least one of them with her when we get together. There’s just something lacking if we don’t! Aww Nikk I miss you. I’m pretty darn lucky to be your friend.

Carmen is also quite amazing. One of the thing she sent me was this little owl buddy filled with some kind of beads or something. I can stick him in the microwave for a few minutes, (it should only be 45 seconds but I messed up the settings on my Korean microwave somehow) and presto! I have this nice little buddy to stick by my feet (or under my pillow, as is usually the case). She sent these yummy fruit snacks too, all of which have been eaten except one. I love gummy snacks so much…and they just don’t really have them here in Korea. I never realized how much I liked them until I couldn’t have them. She sent me some candles, and the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. I haven’t watched it yet but I do remember it was up for some awards last year. She sent me these yummy cookies she called…oh snap I can’t remember the name. They’re tasty! BUT my favorite thing after the owl and gummies was definitely the St. Ives facial scrub that she sent! Ahhh I love that stuff, and while Korea is awash (pardon the pun) with facial scrubs/washes, it’s made for different skin than mine, and I can’t read the labels (I know…it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but everyone has that one thing or two that they feel better having from home).

Now I’m waiting on a Christmas package from Mom and some things I asked my Dad to send. I expect to get them next week sometime. Woo hoo!


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