Kim Jong Il

How crazy is it that the Dictator of North Korea dies when I’m in South Korea?

Nothing really changed that much. My kids must not really keep up with the news much, as I found when other Native English teachers were telling me that their kids were celebrating the death of Kim Jong Il, my kids seemed to be as blissfully unaware as if nothing had happened.

I found it hard to believe the man had been dead since Saturday! I guess since North Korea is such a reclusive country in general that it might be a bit easier to hide the news. In this day and age of lightspeed news, to be told so much later seems like a long time! He was only 69…seems young, but the man wasn’t really aging well. I wonder if they’ll preserve his body like other dictators?

I was nervous for a minute when I first found out…and it reminded me that I REALLY need to visit the U.S. Embassy here sometime just to tell them I’m here and familiarize myself with the place. If something were to happen….eeek. I honestly hope nothing does. I am of the mindset that nothing will though.

One of my co-teachers was pretty nervous. She said that Korean stocks had gone down a lot since news of the Dictator’s death broke. I assume she meant South Korean stocks as well. So many famous “villians” have died this past year. What an interesting world.

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