* New Year’s Goals! *

Leave it to Nikkiulus to inspire me to make my list! I’ve been thinking the past few days, and here are the things I hope to accomplish in 2012 so far:

1. Run a race a month, or at the least, 5 races before I leave Korea. (1/15/11, 5K…)

2. Read 20 books in the year. I’ve read 26 (or 27?) this year so far. My goal was 50 books, but I left for Korea and I haven’t read quite as much since. It might seem weird to backtrack, but most of the books I have here I’ve had to buy so I’d rather not have to buy 20 books! BOOK SUGGESTIONS NEEDED

3. Memorize 1 Bible verse each month. (Suggestions wanted here as well!)

4. Visit China and Japan. (Or Vietnam instead of Japan, so I can say GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!) I’ll have to look into how safe Vietnam is, seeing as I might be going alone.

5. Visit a state I haven’t been to yet. (It’ll be my 24th!!)

6. Find a job that I can use to move out of my Mom’s house when I come back to the US.

7. Fulfill my teaching duties in Korea until September.

8. LEARN HANGUEL! (That’s the Korean alphabet)


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