Christmas away from home… and Christmas packages post

I had a good Christmas weekend.
On Friday night, I went and saw The Nutcracker in Seoul with a few friends. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the two nights before, so I had difficulty staying awake at parts, but it was nice. Afterward, I stayed at a friend’s place after we got some Grilled Cheeses from a local bar. It was a magical evening, in part because of the snow 🙂
Saturday morning (Christmas Eve) my friend and I woke up and watched the film Jingle all the Way. We lounged around for a bit even after that, talking and such. We finally went downstairs and got a late breakfast/early lunch at this new sandwich shop&cafe that opened beneath her apartment. The drinks were amazing! I got a Sweet Potato “latte” which was super tasty.
Afterward we walked around in the snow a bit, and she showed me a temple that is near the subway station. It was a serene looking place.
Saturday afternoon I met up with the same friend and another, Jessa, and we looked for things for ourselves and our Secret Santas. I bought a Christmas pattern sweater and a warmish pullover, as well as another pair of mittens. I also bought my secret Santa’s present. Afterward, Jessa and I went to see when Sherlock Holmes would be playing. We ended up having to sit up close in the late show. First we ate at a delicious western-style restaurant, and then we saw the movie, which was SO good. I would actually watch it again, I liked it that much!
The next morning was Christmas morning. It really didn’t feel like it, though. I got up and eventually starting making Banana Bread for the Secret Santa gathering. I called Mom’s cell phone through Skype, and then eventually got in touch with Dad, too. I went for a late lunch at a restaurant near my home that has great Carbonara (the best pasta dish ever). I was running very very late for the get-together, so I got ready and made my way over. I intended originally to go to church first, but I decided against it when I ran out of time)
The Secret Santa get-together was fun. I missed most of the food, but there was still a little left. My secret Santa got me a Calvin and Hobbes book. We talked and watched the movie Elf. Later, we went and got those cutesy photo-booth pictures done. When it got later, we went to another friend’s home and watched UP and talked some more. Eventually, 4 of us took a cab home. All in all, it was a nice quiet weekend. 🙂
Below: Packages received for Christmas 🙂

The package Dad sent- complete with TWO boxes of oatmeal 😀
Candy, Candy, and More Candy
Thanks to Morgan, I have enough American candy to last me for a good while 🙂
Gwen sent me heaven on Earth- also known as Bilar and Zoo Candy! As well as a wonderful blanket :D
Candy, blanket, and sweet card! ❤ Gwen!
I took this picture on Tuesday, but I actually received two more cards during the week!
ILY Morgan ❤

I am blessed to have the friends I have. I am sorry if I ever take you for granted, that’s the worst thing I can do!


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