I miss my Grandmas

This post isn’t really travel related, but it does relate to that aspect of travel that can be inconvenient: being away from those who are elderly or ill.

Nothing new here, my Mom’s mom has been dead since 2006 and my Dad’s mom is messed up quite a bit from her two strokes. I miss my Mom’s Mom because of her perspective on things. That, and she scratched my back, which as anyone knows is one of the keys to my heart with family (or future husband).

My Dad’s mom isn’t dead yet, and actual just celebrated her 80th birthday in December. But when I last talked to her before leaving, she just wasn’t the same person I visited for all those years while my sisters consistently stayed at home. (They just never were the visiting types, while I spent a week for many summers at her house every year until like 9th grade) So I felt I somewhat got to know her.BUT… I feel that some things never got discussed. I know what she would want to do differently, I feel she’s told me that indirectly a thousand times: She would have gotten married later and done so with more discretion. My Grandpa is a great man but also a man of few words unless it’s on something specific. I know my Grandma and he didn’t have a great relationship for a long time, maybe it was never that great. I might never know now. I wish I could ask my Grandma more questions about her childhood, the way she feels about certain topics. I wish I could hear her joke. She can probably still joke even now, I won’t knock her skills down that much, but she could at times be such a funny person. I miss her simple dishes. I miss spending summers with my cousin Stephany, being really silly until Granny Jewell told us to act normal. I’m so thankful for all those summers I did have with her and my Grandpa Fred (who’s still alive and well).

I just…wish I could have asked her more while I had the chance, but I wouldn’t have known what to ask.


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