Trick Art Museum and stuff

So after my winter camps and my China trip, nothing happened for several weeks. I did go skiing twice, which was SUPER fun. This past friday I went with my friend Jessa to something called the Trick Eye museum, where you get to interact with the art. It looks 3D but is painted in the Trompeloeil style. We had tons of fun! Here’s a picture:

It is so fun. It’s off Hongik University Exit 9, and we managed to find some decent directions somewhere. Because we went after school, we ate first and then headed over. By the time we got there, we had a little over an hour to be there, which turned out not to be quite enough time! I do think it makes for fewer people though, when you go later. Some websites said it was open until 10, but it’s only open until 9, and you can’t buy tickets after 8:00 I think. One of the websites suggests giving yourself about two hours.

I felt incredibly down and homesicky this weekend. But yesterday was fun. We went to a Jimjilbang (the naked baths I mentioned) and then got some Chicken Tenders at a Chicken and Beer restaurant. (Koreans have some interesting Restaurant ideas) Lol on the wall it says “Love me tender.” Oh, the puns!

I might be doing something fun tomorrow. If so, I’ll be sure to write about it if I can before Wednesday. On Wednesday I get to visit home for a week, so I’m really looking forward to that!

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