Dog Cafe, Cat Cafe, and White Day

So on Sunday, Caitlin, Jessa, and myself all went to a Dog Cafe in Myeongdong I think it was. We had a lot of fun! Here’s a picture of the experience. Not exactly a good place for germaphobes, as the dogs can climb all over the tables and we witnessed a dog poop right on the floor. It was cleaned up directly afterward, but that could be a deterrent for people who don’t like the possibility of seeing bowel movements.

Fun times at a Dog Cafe

The next picture is from yesterday! Jessa and I went to a Cat cafe muuuuch closer to us than the Dog cafe was. This was was in arts center, very close to a place called Rio’s Bar (apparently Rio’s is very popular with the foreigner crowd). It was a really good time to catch up though we hang out pretty often. I had a lot to rant about and was able to give her a goody bag I made her for having a weird/creepy landlord.
Cat Cafe- Another failed attempt to get animals to love me. This was an enjoyable time, however.

Today is apparently “White Day” in Korea. It is exactly a month after their version of Valentine’s Day, in which girls ask guys out and give them candy or whatever. White Day is when the guys have to reciprocate with candy or whatnot. Some teachers reported their students giving them candy. I am rarely that lucky, if ever. (Dunno if my students are just not fond of me or what) But on the up-side, one of the male teachers gave a bunch of the lady teachers baggies with a few pieces of candy, like this.
White Day candy. I may have no prospects in the man friend department, but candy is just as good or better 😀


4 thoughts on “Dog Cafe, Cat Cafe, and White Day”

    1. haha it seems that they don’t love me here because I’m a foreigner lol. Well, I MADE one of your parents’ cats love me hahahaha. Thanks for reading girl 🙂

    1. You should!! I think this one was in Hongdae, out of exit 3…or 9. I know that’s terrible. I’d have to ask Caitlin C. to find out because I’ve already forgotten!

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