Birthday stuff!

My birthday is normally not much of an inconvenience (oh that sounds terrible to put it that way)…but what I mean when I say that is that the day before my birthday is St. Patrick’s Day. My birthday falls on a Sunday this year, which is fortunately on a weekend (YES!) but isn’t the best day to try and get people together. Everyone generally wants to chill on a Sunday, especially those I have met in Korea. (teaching kids 5 days a week and some people do more….you need your private time.)

As much as I would have liked to have had my small birthday gathering today, Saturday March 17th, several of my friends celebrate the depressingly drunken day known as St. Patrick’s Day. So in order to enjoy the company of my friends and not make them sacrifice their drinking festivities, I had dinner with a few of them last night. We ate at a Korean Barbecue restaurant. I invited my friend, Chan Hoon P, who goes by Hoonie, who in turn invited his friend who goes by the name of Sid.  Hoonie is a hoot, seriously. He was cracking everyone up. I was very glad I invited him. I met him back in September when I visited Gyeongbokgung palace and was using the free internet in the museum next to the palace grounds. I kept in touch with him here and there, but I was suprised when last week he contacted me wanting to know if I had plans for my birthday. I truly appreciate his concern about me being in a foreign country on my birthday. He studied abroad in the states and knows what it is like to be a foreigner.

We got cake after that, this beautiful cake I couldn’t deserve in a thousand years. I picked one smaller at first but then another friend offered to help pay so I jokingly picked one of the biggest ones they had. They actually ended up buying it for me!! What wonderful friends.

Quite possibly the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever had 🙂

We tried going bowling but the place was full and we would have to wait for an hour just to get to play. So two friends left us for a pub, and the rest of us went to Noraebang and sang our hearts out for over an hour. Eventually it was time to disband, and we all went our separate ways. It was special though because I’ve never had a birthday abroad before.

Me, Hoonie, Jessa, Jonathan and Sid all post for a photo in our onesies. At this particular Noraebang they have these that you can put on if you want, so of course we did 🙂

Tomorrow for my actual birthday I plan to run a 10k in Seoul, provided I can find the race location haha 😉 I don’t expect to be very fast. I was getting faster and better until January when I went to China. After that I just fell out of being as physically active as I had been during the winter up to that point. But I expect to get in as much physical activity as I can this spring, so this month, April, and May will be particularly active  months compared to the dreary winter. A big THANK YOU to all my friends and the people who read my blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “Birthday stuff!”

  1. Carmen you are 2x a beautiful so if YOU consider me beautiful that is a completely fa sho! I missed that too. Seriously you’re a great lady and I’m so lucky to be your friend!

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