I just lived out nearly every girl’s dream today…which still feels sort of forbidden

Okay, so Korea is a special place. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You may have seen my earlier post about Dog and Cat cafes. I can easily see where those would be appealing to all, I mean everyone loves animals, and a lot of the apartments here aren’t conducive to having animals in them (very few in my opinion, or if you don’t mind your dog having nowhere to run).

Well, here’s something that blew my mind when I was told about it:  a wedding dress cafe. Yep, I said it.

Here comes the....bride?! 😀

That would be me in  my “wedding dress”. There is apparently this place called Princess Diary in Seoul near Ewha Women’s University. It is the perfect place for anyone who wonders what it feels like wearing a wedding dress without having an actual wedding just yet, (or for people like me who know it’s still manyyears in coming) For about 6,000 won/$6, you have to get a drink. It IS a cafe, after all. Three of us got the cookie drink…some kind of Oreo blast type of thing. It had a lot of ice in it, but was really tasty.

The aforementioned drink.

After that you can put on your makeup or whatever. I came with some makeup on already but I did touch up a bit with some lip stuff.

After that you can pick a dress. While the dresses have clearly changed hands on a regular basis, it is still really fun to look through them and pick “the one.” A word to the wise though, as depending on the style of the dress….the price will be more or less to try it on. ( I honestly couldn’t tell what made a dress cost more to try on than another one…) The menu says it costs from 10,000 to 30,ooo won to try on a dress, but mine was apparently bought after the menu was made so it cost 35,000 to try on. Yes, I paid like $40 USD to try on a wedding dress. BUT it was super fun and I am really glad I went.

The dresses to look through!

There were three other girls I went with. The second and third took a while to be dressed. I say it in the passive sense, because the woman who works there essentially puts the dress on you. In my case, she put like two bras over the one I was wearing so that the top of the dress didn’t fall off. We all had a great time, though after wearing our respective dressed for about an hour or so, we were all hot and very tired. I guess if the big day ever comes for me I will need a very good night’s sleep afterward! It did feel strange, almost forbidden trying on wedding dresses when we weren’t really getting married. I certainly don’t believe it’s bad luck…just felt weird, is all. Anyway, this was so much fun. I’d do it again if someone were wanting to go, though I might opt for a cheaper dress 😉

All of the gang together!

3 thoughts on “I just lived out nearly every girl’s dream today…which still feels sort of forbidden”

    1. I would gladly go again if you want to go! It isn’t cheap, but for an hour of wearing a pretty dress and with some fun, you can’t ask for more 😉

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