Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

Today was teacher’s day. As with the other holidays regarding things in school, I got only what the school gave. It was still cool, as the teacher did these cute impromptou ceremonies. I was presented with a corsage and a flower pen 🙂

Minsu’s Letter

Minusu wrote the letter pictured above. While I can’t take credit in any form for how good her English is, I really like that she enjoys the classes I teach with my co-teacher. I think most of the students will forget me quickly, and even Minsu. After all, according to the movie Hook, “Children forget.” And so they will. But Teacher’s Day I personally will never forget, since it may be the only one I celebrate.

I think some of the teachers went out to do something, and therefore got to leave early. I asked what they were doing, and my co-teacher didn’t know yet. I didn’t want to take the chance on yet another raw fish restaurant (ick) so I had to stay here instead. Still, a nice day to be a teacher in Korea.

4 thoughts on “Teacher’s Day”

  1. Not so nice day to be a teacher at an After School Academy in Korea. All the letters are given in the morning, and I, alas, nothing. The Mexican did get a few items though that I will consider my own.

    Happy Teachers Day ! ❤

    1. Well, despite being in what could be seen as a better situation for teacher’s day, I just got the letter that my student wrote me. She’s a sweet girl, and so quality over quantity is what I’ll tell myself 😉

      I hope you guys had a happy teacher’s day too! By the way, I think that you guys are doing the teaching thing in Korea together is THE coolest thing. 🙂

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