Dog Cafe in Incheon

This week

Monday, Gwen and I made Tuna helper for dinner. Then Gwen, Caitlin, and I all went to a dog cafe that just opened up in Bupyeong. I am SO happy there is finally a dog cafe nearby, as now I can either walk to the cat cafe or take a short trip to Bupyeong, instead of having to ride an hour into Seoul!  It’s called Pet Tok I think, and is on the 2nd floor of a building across from the McDonalds in Bupyeong . Not sure which Subway exit it is closest to. We had loads of fun playing with the dogs and holding them, though they spent a good deal of time sleeping or playing with the people who purchased the doggy treats the shop sold for them to eat.

Gwen, getting into the groove of the Dog Cafe
Me making a silly face with my new friend at the Dog Cafe
Tired puppy at the cafe. So cute 🙂

Gwen leaves this week 😦 I am very sad about that. Whereas when she first came I was very tired and felt I wasn’t being such a great host, now I feel invigorated by having had her here. She’s a dear friend and a very wise person. I am blessed to know her and am so happy she has come to visit me for these two weeks.  

Tonight we will make bread. I’ll post a new entry to show you how it turns out! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dog Cafe in Incheon”

  1. I was confused, until I realized this wasn’t America. But all was answered, and than I saw that the dog was a precious alert level 10.That’s really high.

    1. Haha That’s understandable, especially if you just stumbled across my blog. Wasn’t it the cutest?! I wish we could have the same thing in the states. The dogs don’t go outside to use the bathroom though, so if a dog pees on the floor they just go wipe it up. That’s probably why I’ve never seen anything like it at home.

    1. You know the garfield guy who hands out flyers? He hands out flyers for the cat cafe!! It was a revelation to me too. Right in that alley where he hands out flyers, to his right. I think it’s in the same building as Dr. Fish, but a different side. The name escapes me…

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