Gwen’s gone….but here’s to a little reminiscing!

Gwen left this morning to catch her flight back home. It was harder than I expected to accept that it’s time for her to go home. While for the first few days it took some adjusting, by the time her two weeks had passed, I looked forward to seeing Gwen after I got back from work and hearing about her daily adventures.

Wednesday night, Gwen was showing me how to make bread, but since she normally uses regular yeast, she thought that we used water that was too hot for the dried yeast I had bought from the store. Yesterday after her adventures in Seoul, she tried again and this was the result:

Gwen expertly slices the bread she made herself. Had some for breakfast this morning. It’s some good stuff!

But last night,  we dressed up and went to Moon Pasta, a restaurant close to where I live. I’ve been there more times than I care to admit, but until last night, I actually hadn’t been there for a month…my longest record since the winter! I got something new, a dish with creamy pasta sauce and noodles inside of bread. It was delicious! Moon Pasta has been one of my favorite places since I have been in Korea. I am also hearing a lot about a place called Fog City Cafe, somewhere I will have to try another day as well.

Our “dress up” night. Gonna miss this lady!

To top it all off, she had cleaned up my bathroom before I got home yesterday, and she regularly did  dishes during her stay with me.  An excellent houseguest and friend, she ended it all with a sweet Thank You card!

Gwen is a great lady!

Lately I have begun to work on capturing my thoughts and putting them under observation. Too often I get caught in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts and I bring myself down instead of up. Regardless of what I may have told myself in the past, friends like Gwen remind me that I AM lovable, and can love others in friendship, too. I’m lucky to have such a kind person for a friend. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gwen’s gone….but here’s to a little reminiscing!”

  1. I loved every minute of my stay and did not want to go home.
    You ARE lovable and a great person. Never doubt that!

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