Korea is Konfusing

Please excuse my face. I’m being told conflicting things about summer camp.

Two things I have going on:  1.  The other day, I went to the post office to send off some things to the states. Originally I wanted to send the two boxes by airmail, but was informed that would cost around 117,000 won or $101.00.  So, I opted for the slow route, or surface mail. It was 30,400 won, or about $26. Much better! The downside to this arrangement was that I had to buy their box, and combine the two into one box. And then, the box may not make it to my Dad’s house until 2-3 months from now. The amount of time I can handle, it was mainly winter stuff. My concern comes in when I marked “treat as abandoned” in order to not have to pay even more to ensure that it gets there if they somehow can’t deliver it. Using surface mail is risky enough all ready, but I wouldn’t want to be conned into spending more money to guarantee its arrival. I’m worried about my stuff not making it to Dad’s. After all, surface mail means it goes by ship, land, all that stuff, and who knows what could happen? I’m trying not to worry about it. The next day I sent another box around 5,000 grams or 11lbs, and that was 72,000 won  for airmail (I want to guarantee getting that one back, thank you very much) Anyway, sending stuff back home is easy enough but can get expensive.

2. Summer camp.  Winter camp was a relatively easygoing affair the last time around. I was asked by my coteacher to prepare the lesson plans for camp in a certain way, but I told her the way I did it was the only way I felt I could do it well. She eventually backed off, and the camp went without many problems.

This time around, they are wanting so much, so fast. I am expected to prepare an outline, that was done in April.  No problem. Then, I am told last week to make it more detailed but that it doesn’t have to be “all completely done,” according to one co-teacher. The other says, no, it has to be done, and you have to include every single thing. Even now details are mixed. My 5th grade co-teacher and I have just talked, and I understand more of what they want. Still, it is stressful! I have to revise my plans, and then get all the materials together that I will use to be made into a book to be given to the students (presumably to hand to them at camp each day)…so much so soon! I asked for the “deadline” to be extended.


10 thoughts on “Korea is Konfusing”

  1. The box will arrive, I am sure of it!

    Camp sounds like a hassle, but Japan is closing in and so is your flight home, so: who cares!
    (Good luck with the last work related issues!!)

    1. I hope so 🙂 It was nice to pay very little for it, and to get those things out of the way!

      Camp really is a hassle…but I am so close to the finish line, I can almost see it! 😀

      Thanks for wishing me good luck. Just a few bumps in the road 🙂

  2. Hello!
    quick question~
    do you happen to know the shipping rates on surface mail from korea to US (i.e, california)?
    I want to as a friend in korea to ship some books over but I’m wondering how much it will cost me if I use surface mail.


    1. I don’t know, unfortunately 😦

      But I do know it will be half the price (or more) than if you sent the books by air mail, though it can take 2-3 months.

  3. I’ll post when the box actually does make it, to confirm its reliability (for me anyway)
    But if you’re not in a hurry you should go by surface mail. I’d say expect to spend at least 20,000 if you’re sending a large quantity of books.

    1. They don’t really speak English, but they should understand if you say “Surface Mail.” There are forms you have to fill out, and there is a box where you can mark it on the form 🙂

  4. Hey there! A few years ago we sent about 10 boxes home snail mail boat style.. I have no idea if everything made it back…but, I have no idea what didn’t make it, so I guess it wasn’t that important 🙂 It is by far the cheapest.
    As for your intensives, I love how plans change. Just rub your ears, do a little ooossaaa and everything will be okay 🙂

    1. hahah! I have sent one big box so far…we’ll see how it goes! It’ll be a month since I sent it next week. It was mainly winter and running stuff so if I don’t get it it won’t be the end of the world, but I will miss some of the running stuff!
      Haha the ear rubbing should begin now, then. This is the last week before camps start. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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