Nara, Japan Day 6 (8-17-12)

This was a fun day. I started the day out again with toast at the cafe next door. (what can I say, I’m a creature of habit). I had to buy a ticket to Nara at the JR Kyoto station. It was 690 yen. When I got to Nara I had to wait a while for the guys, who were running behind. After an hour, they got there. It was again extremely hot and humid. The two of them got lunch since they were starving. I tried something but didn’t really like it and forgot to take a picture of it. It was neat because you picked what you wanted on the machine and paid the machine, and then the waitress came when your order was ready and tore the ticket.

We walked to the Nara Park, a short but tiresome journey. We stopped several times in stores just for the air conditioning. Once we arrived, there may as well have been nothing there but deer, because they quickly became the focal point of our time there.


We each bought “deer crackers” sold there, and poor Howard lost many of his in the initial purchase because the excited deer surrounded him. I got some pictures of a few other things in Nara park, but my favorite part of the whole trip was seeing the deer.

Would have been a perfect picture had the deer looked at me!


We wandered over to Nara national museum, and because we were all so tired we kept sitting down whenever we saw seats. Our tickets covered at least two parts of the museum. After seeing about all our tickets covered, the guys had to go. They wanted to go to Uji and buy green tea before a certain store closed.  I said bye to them there, and went up a little further to Todaiji temple. I didn’t linger long, because I too was about ready to go. I’m nearly out of the park, when torrential downpour erupts, as well as some ferocious thunder and lightning.  The force of the wind kept blowing my flimsy umbrella back, so I just let myself get soaked. (I came to regret this on the long cold train ride home).

The sun was setting and the run was getting ready to pour as I left Nara park.

When I finally got back, I ate at a Chinese restaurant that I think was called Kyoto Hamamura in the “The Cube” section of Kyoto station. My meal was pretty good. I love Chinese food so I figured it would be a good choice.

I made a good choice.

I asked around where the skyway was. In my mind it was this clear area of glass I could look down through to see all of the commuters below, but it was mostly the opportunity for a good view of Kyoto Tower (not complaining, but I was hoping for the vision in my mind).   In the Chinese restaurant there had been an older man who said a few words to me. He had been sitting next to his son. When I was waiting for the bus, this son struck up a conversation with me. Apparently his Dad was visiting him from Tokyo and he told me that Japanese people were shy and the reason they might not seem kind and helpful would be because they are afraid. His words had an interesting timing to them. What I didn’t say to them was that I thought Japanese people were generally a bit more reserved than most people are anyway. When I roitented myself and got back to the hostel, I saw the massage place that I had passed every other day. It was open until 12 am, and since it was 10:00 I figured I could check. It wasn’t busy, and there appeared to be only one masseur (a lady) there. I picked the 30 minute, 3,000 yen massage (figured I could splurge since I only had one more full day left). It felt really good.  For most of the massage, the lady kept towels on me and massaged through the towels instead of using a sheet. It was interesting.


2 thoughts on “Nara, Japan Day 6 (8-17-12)”

  1. were you there in the morning? if so, i can imagine the deer hassling you! once they get their fill, they sit under the trees until late afternoon (when they get hungry again!).

    1. We went in the early afternoon. It was still insanely hot, but we were arriving right as many of them were beginning to sit under the trees. There were still some hungry ones though 🙂

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