Yanggu DMZ Marathon

Yesterday, 8-26-12, I ran my second ever half marathon. It was 5 years after my first. Honestly, after I did the other half marathon at 18, I figured that would be it. I had accomplished a big goal and was content to keep following the path I was on (which was running similar routes all the time, especially after the somewhat structured environment of high school running).

So for the next 3.5ish years after my freshman year, I did about the same thing with running. Similiar routes, similar times.  I didn’t really try any new sports during this time, either. I had vague plans to eventually join a running club, but in clarksville it hadn’t happened yet.

Then last September, I come to Korea and within a few weeks of my landing, a girl tells me about the Seoul Flyers. I didn’t join until December, but I have never regretted the decision. There have been many times I have felt isolated because of my 1hr commute away from them (most of whom live in Seoul), the times I travel down to Seoul for Saturday runs or weekend races have been like water for my sometimes socially starved self.

They are witty, funny,  kind, and (sometimes) abrasive, but they are a great group of runners and I feel lucky to know them. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to know them. They’ve inspired me to run a  marathon next year, and to continue running my very best. I want to join a running club when I get home, because to experience this kind of camaraderie is to seek it out again and again.

The Seoul Flyers- a great group of runners.

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