Korea: Predepature… Less than 24 hours left

My feeling now is “Get me out of Korea now!!” though I know I’ll look back on this time as a stressful end to a year FULL of stuff.

I had my apartment checked today, only to find out that more than half will be taken away from my deposit because of stuff I sold that I was completely unaware was even “given” to me by the school. Something I will not miss about Korea is how I usually (if not always) receive information late or not at all.  I have come to realize this will plague me to an extent all throughout life, but it is such a prevalent part of a foreigner’s life in Korea that I can honestly say I will not come back to teach unless I desperately need money and can’t make it any other way.

As far as other cultural things go, like staring, I never completely got used to it but it was just something you had to live with. The lack of communication would probably give me a hernia if I were to stay here another year. I have a lot of respect for my friends who are continuing to pay off debts and earn more money for future endeavors. If I didn’t miss people so much or figure I have some possible directions to take at home, I sure could have used the money as well. I was fortunate thanks to my family not to accrue debt for my college education so I am fortunately able to go home.

And oh, despite what it lacks, the USA can offer me a bath and maybe a few visits from my international friends when they come see me.

I don’t regret coming here…and I knew there would be tough spots, so this is all a part of it. And I know that it’s not going to be over until I’ve gotten the money the school owes me and my pension. So this will be continued, I’m afraid…

For now, Korea’s about to become an interesting sight in my rearview mirror.

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