Beckley, West Virginia!

Last weekend, my friend Morgan and I went to West Virginia, after I had been in the US one day.

So this trip had been  planned since I was in Korea., with some details, like where we would stay decided once we got there. I’m not sure exactly when I brought it up, but I had been wanting to go to West Virginia for a couple years now. It was the closest state to Tennessee that I hadn’t been to. I have now been to 24 states thanks to our adventure. One in particular, Mississippi, I simply ate in a restaurant there, but I consider that having been to a state. After getting a general idea of where we would stay in WV, we picked a few things to see. Ultimately, we didn’t go to a festival that we thought we would, because it would have been $15 a day and might not have as much to do as we thought originally.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the journey there. Things don’t look as good on camera as they do through eyes, especially when it’s through car windows.  The next few pictures are of our trip to the coal mine.

During the coal mine tour.
This is where a single coal miner might have lived when we was unmarried or working away from the family.
The old schoolhouse. At its height, they had two of them. There were about 30 students in the class.
After in the tour, we got a picture with the tour guide. He’s a retired coal miner (not from this mine though).

Another day, we went Antique shopping (Morgan is looking for nice plates for her wedding guests) and we attempted Geocaching. Has anyone who reads this done geocaching? What’s the trick to it? There were 3 in the park we went to, and we couldn’t find one of them! The scenery was beautiful though.

Morgan begins to search for plates…her wedding guests will eat on the finest 😉

At the park, attempting our geocache:

Morgan taking the lead.

While looking for the geocache, Morgan and I didn’t have any luck. We searched all around where the last person had posted it should be, but either it was washed away in recent rains or the hint wasn’t all that good. Neither of us had ever tried finding one, which more likely than anything as the problem. I was inspired to buy a gps though…if I would ever do this again 🙂

All in all it was a nice trip, and we didn’t spend too much money. We stayed at an Americas Best Value Inn, which I can honestly say was the cleanest motel I have stayed at in a long time. There wasn’t a fridge unfortunately, but the room and bathroom were both clean and Morgan and I didn’t feel unsafe while we were there. It was  a lovely trip, and my first real ‘roadtrip’ with a friend. I love traveling, always, and this was an especially fun trip. I’ve now been to 24 states!

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