Women’s Half Marathon

This past weekend, I did the Speedstick Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville.

I wanted a time of 1:40, but what I ultimately got was a time of 1:44-something. This was in part because of my reluctance to speed up in the second half of the race and because I haven’t been getting in any speedwork since I got back in. But, it was still a nice day for a race. Because I test drove a Subaru a week or so ago, I gained access to a “VIP” outdoor area that offered free massages and some free food! I was one of the first people who opted to do this that finished, so I didn’t even have to wait in line for the massage! There were some free mini sandwich things from Einstein Bagle Bro.’s and a chocolate fountain! All of this to enjoy while sitting on white chairs and couches. I got to talking with someone I found out  lives in my dad’s neighborhood! It’s a small world. I didn’t stay too long, as once the others who opted for this began to arrive it got crowded and I had to leave. I would definitely sign up for this half marathon again if I’m still here next year when they have it.

Here’s my victory face:

Here’s the medal they gave finishers:


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