Happy 10 year Friendaversary

My good friend Morgan and I have been friends for what she said has been 10 years now. I thought that it might be 10 next year, but since it’s so foggy in that sense we are going to say we have been friends for 10 years as of this year!

To celebrate, I paid for both of us to receive massages at Miller Motte. Typically I go see the students who are half the price, but they are on fall break now. Morgan receieved her very first massage!! I couldn’t  believe it. I don’t get a ton of massages, but I want to say that my first one was in my early or mid teens. I try to get one at least every couple of months if I don’t forget. After an hour of bliss on her side and deep conversation with the masuesse on mine, we left and got lunch.

After lunch, we went to Joelton. Here we redeemed a Groupon I bought for the Academy of Self Protection. For $25, we got the rental of two guns, 100 rounds of ammunition (enough for us to shoot 50 shots apiece), a target for each of us, and earwear/eyewear. Because it was  a groupon, we didn’t have to pay the $10 lane fee we would have been charged  if we’d just rented and bought those things without it.

We had a great time shooting! Morgan actually shot one of the black clips holding up the target, so she had to move to another lane. hahaa! Fortunately, there weren’t any other people there at this early point in the day. We found out upon leaving that Friday was Ladies’ Night, so I might be going again in the future 🙂

We came back to Clarksville. I wanted to see Looper and Morgan seemed to think it looked good as well. It was very twisty/turny, but a good film. I recommend it if you like shoot-em-up thrillers with a sci-fi twist.

10 years of friendship goes out with a BANG!

Who have you been friends with for the longest? Have you done anything to celebrate it?


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