Rudolph’s Red Nose Run 2012

On December 7th 2012 was the 32nd annual Rudolph’s Red Nose Run.

Formerly sponsored by  Big Brothers of Nashville, thanks to the Big Brothers’ name change it was now sponsored by NeedLink.

The backstory behind me doing this race: I was still in Korea, I think it was near the end of my stay, in August. It was during one of my longest skype talks with Morgan, when I brought up something she’d written in a letter. She had said she was starting to run a little bit. I thought this was great! But in her next letter she didn’t mention this again so I wondered if she was still keeping up with her regimen. When I asked, she said she’d fizzled out on it. I suggested that she sign up for a race as a way to keep her motivation going, and to have something fun to look forward to that would be the culmination of months of effort.

Morgan was understandably hesitant. After all, I’m the one who has been doing this for a while, so signing up for a race is a fun thing these days, even if I am not as fast as  I used to be. I told her we could both sign up and then she’d have someone to do it with. We were numbers 166 and 167, so you can see that we signed up right after each other 🙂

Another friend of ours signed up too, but he was unable to participate. Then one of Morgan’s college friends signed up about a month or so ago, and this ended up being our little group. Morgan and I left straight from the mall around 4, and I was initially nervous we wouldn’t make it in time. (Nashville’s traffic can be unpredictable.) We ended up being fine! We didn’t have to pay for parking either, a blessing for us. We got our chips, bibs, and shirts from the main tent. I’ll never turn down a long-sleeved running shirt, but I didn’t like this one as much as I like the one I got from this race in 2005.

This was the 2005 shirt. It was a dark green, and had this endearing deer on the front. It looked a lot more Christmas-y.
This was the 2005 shirt. It was a dark green, and had this endearing deer on the front. It looked a lot more Christmas-y.
2012 Shirt- white, and somewhat blah looking
2012 Shirt- white, and somewhat blah looking

We were given the typical “goody bag,” but it just had a few papers in it. No trial packs of any cool products or anything like that, which was a small bummer. It was useful for holding our new t-shirts though, so there’s that.

The course itself was great. I am notorious for not researching a course before I run it, and this was one of those times. (For the next race I will be prepared).  There were several gentle slopes and one hill-like area, along with several downhill-type areas.  The course was extremely well placed, as we ran past a lot of Friday-night revelers who then became race supporters, whether they intended to be or not. A lot of races claim that they have supporters all through the race, but that is hardly ever the case. Rudolph’s Red Nose Run was certainly an exception.

My race was all right. I was the 4th lady to finish.  I was happy enough with the time, as it was 21:19, which was a bit faster than my 5k last weekend. Price came in at 31-something, and Morgan made it in around 37 minutes and something. I have looked for the results, but upon a quick search I didn’t see them so I can’t tell you precisely what her time was. What I can tell you is that I was so proud of her. She seemed to feel very accomplished, and I was happy I could be there for her first 5k.  Afterward, we found a Pad Thai restaurant that hit the spot, and Morgan and I later went to Steak N’ Shake for some much-needed desserts. It was a fun time! I recommend this race, particularly for the course.


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