My best friend is getting married…how time flies!!

Today was the day I went with my friend Morgan and all but one of her bridesmaids to figure out which of two dresses her we would would wear. She didn’t want the silken dress fabric for her bridesmaid dresses since it’s an outdoor wedding, and there were only two styles of cotton dresses in the color she’s picked out. Fortunately, she picked this nice blue color that looked good on everyone. I was immensely relieved 😀

I stayed over at Kate’s house the night before, so she and I got up and took coldish showers thanks to a sluggish water heater at Kate’s parents’ place. We were a little late for the 9am departure time, but we still made it to Franklin with some time to spare. (It had something to do with Morgan’s mom’s superb driving skillz).  We almost got stuck in the mud next to the driveway, and Morgan’s dad came out all grumpily when he saw the tire marks that their suburban had left behind. I’m really glad we didn’t stay stuck! That would have been terrible.  An interesting sidenote: during the minute or two that we were stuck, a heron flew by…of all things.

Then we were off. Because it didn’t take us as long to get there as we expected, Morgan and told Kara the incorrect time we would get there. In total, Morgan has 6 bridemaids, the only one who couldn’t make it was her youngest sister.  Two of the bridesmaids  live in  Nashville, and so one of them, (Katie)  met us at David’s Bridal. Kara was a little late but not bad. Morgan told the attendant she’d worked with the time before which dresses she wanted and we told the attendant our sizes. We  were then seated  in front of these mirrored dressing rooms,  where each one of us disappeared before coming out wearing the dress. Morgan first tried on an example of her wedding dress (after pretending not to want to, haha- the real dress is at home, though) and then each of us took turns trying on the dresses. After Katie and Kate, though, we all sort of mutually agreed not to go with the strapless dress after Kate tried it on.

We went to Cool Springs Mall but couldn’t stay there long, because Morgan’s sister found out she had to go to work. We browsed a little bit though, and I was able to get this super cute frog calendar. We headed back and I was able to spend a few more hours with Kate. I can tell that woman pretty much anything and not feel judged, and I am grateful for her. Friendship is a powerful thing; I admire its strength and fluidity. We got some stuff from Walmart and talked and ate at her place. She has two sweet kitties she has brought with her from Iowa for the duration of her time in Clarksville during her break, and I love them! Their family also has the sweetest dog, Cookie…though Cookie sometimes plays hard to get and ignores me. Sniff.

Now here I am, at the end of a friend-filled day, reminiscing about things.

It’s crazy to think that I’m at the age where people meet their husbands and wives. (When can meet my husband, whoever is silly enough to have me as their future wife 😉 )Though I will miss relating to Morgan the way I do in her singleness, and I will miss being able to see her as often as I do now, she’s ready to make this transition and I wish her the best. When one door opens, another closes, and this is one of those times. She’s one of my best friends and I’m honored to be a part of her wedding party and to be her friend. I know her wedding will be a magical day for all those lucky enough to attend, and I admire her bravery in navigating the wedding-planning process. I was shaking a little bit when I came out of the dressing room wearing my bridesmaids dress, so to do what she is doing with as much grace as she does …is what I would like just a fragment of if I have the blessing of getting married.

Here’s the dress I get to wear:

I'm going to be a bridesmaid!
I’m going to be a bridesmaid!

2 thoughts on “My best friend is getting married…how time flies!!”

    1. Thanks for the comment, Caitlin! I had my reservations as this is my first time being a bridesmaid, but I am really happy with the look and color of the dress so I may end up keeping it myself 🙂

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