Runners Hub Rotary Park Trail Race

Rotary Park 4 mile trail run

The Runners Hub is a newish store that opened up back in March of 2012 I believe. A good way for a running store to get the word spread about it is to  participate in or hold its own races, something that wasn’t lost on the Hub.

Today was their first of three trail races they plan to hold this  year. It was a cold day, but there seemed to be a decent showing of people. Initially I was worried, because I thought that there would be so many people that I’d be on other runners’ ankles for the whole race. That turned out not to be the case! The race started on one of the asphalt hills paved through the middle of the park, in an effort to separate people instead of having everyone funnel into the park. It wasn’t completely fool proof, but did help file everyone into the woods. The race itself was a blur. I ultimately got 2nd woman overall, 001 seconds after the first woman, after thinking I had been first! I was a little bummed because the first place woman got a free pair of trail shoes from the store, something I don’t have but sure would love owning! (especially for free!)

I have run in rotary park before, so I was wary of doing the race for such a long time because I didn’t think there would be adequate passing room. While it still could be tight in places, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The result of my procrastinating, however, was that I didn’t get to sign up under my own name for the race. It was full. I asked on my running club’s facebook page if someone could let me know if they couldn’t make the race, and someone did! Technically, I was 50 years old and male, according to my bib 😉   No, but while I had this man’s name on my bib, he made sure it was okay with the running store that I was using his bib and racing in the race.

For the first race this store has put on, it was successful. They had enough snacks for everyone, and had thoughtful prizes for the overall and age group winners (see picture below.)

Rotary Park Trail Run prizes!
Rotary Park Trail Run prizes!

It felt as if it took a really long time to get to the awards though, given the race’s small size,  but that may have been my perception in the cold hours of the morning.  There was a good sense about the race, and I could tell a lot of work went into putting it on and making it work. The CRC is a great group of dedicated runners, and I admire how much they contribute to races in the area. I don’t know when the next trail race will be, but I want to do it!


2 thoughts on “Runners Hub Rotary Park Trail Race”

  1. Awesome, congrats on second overall! Even though you barely missed first, second is nothing to be ashamed of! It’ll be decades before I can do that… (I’m about to turn 20 and as a guy, I’m screwed in that age grouping)

    1. Thank you for the comment! I was bummed because I was so close, but I enjoyed the course and there might be another chance for me to redeem myself. I know what you mean…in my case, once I am in my 30s, the field gets competitive again. Women who have just had children shouldn’t be underestimated…they can be some of the most formidable runners!

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