Mercedes Marathon….8 days away!

I  haven’t been updating much lately.

My job search is ongoing, but things are finally starting to look up. I haven’t gotten anything in the bag yet, but this search has been a challenge that I think will help me to grow. I have had some pretty challenging moments in wondering about my ability, but I can do it! I think I’m getting closer and closer to finding a job each day.

Running: The title of this post refers to it. My boyfriend and I are going a week from now to run 26.2 miles of insanity. I already know I’m going to write a weekend recap after the race….I mean, this is a huge and pivotal moment (lasting several hours). Not everyone does a marathon…which makes it pretty dang special! I feel so  happy and blessed that I’ve been in good enough health to have trained this far. I know that not everyone has this health or this ability.

My Dad said the other day that when I run, my shoulders are up. But when we talk about my job search, I shrink in and my shoulders slump. If I can run, and run that far, I can find a job and be a confident woman. I can shoot for the moon.


2 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon….8 days away!”

  1. Brooke, that is amazing!!! I am so proud of you for being so determined. You are so talented. I know that you can conquer this job obstacle too. You are the woman.

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