I would like to share some belated new year’s/life resolutions

Sometimes you get advice where and when you least expect it. Advice that I got today that I would like to incorporate into my life and self are two that came up today:

1.) “Give yourself more credit.
This is true. I am notorious for accomplishing a goal or doing something I should be proud of, but discounting it instead of celebrating it. It’s okay (more than okay) to celebrate the everyday accomplishments, because those are what make up a life!

2. “Learn to be more confident.”
There’s more to it than that quote. What we were discussing was how I can say that my 23 year old self is more confident than my 21 year old self. This much I do know. I am  not yet as confident or as assertive as I can see myself being, though. Each day I learn more and take steps forward, but the key thing is to celebrate these little victories. I often wait for a big breakthrough, when life doesn’t work that way. I do, however, want to see a change from how my 23 year old self sees and does things to how my future 25-year old self does and sees things. I want to be wayyyyy more assertive. I am very afraid of making waves at this time, or even expressing myself in certain instances.

3. “It’s better to be good at one or two things than to be bad at many things.” and “You can’t fix everything at once.”

This one came from an earlier talk, and it’s something I have come across countless times…aka God could be trying to tell me something. The way I operate is often scattered and messy, I’m trying to do all the little things I am thinking of right when I think of them. It’s hard for me to step back and take the pieces apart in order to put one together at a time. But when I am truthful with myself, I have to admit that I want to be  involved in something instead of dabbling in everything.

Lastly, I want to share a picture that Jan sent to me:


Maybe it will inspire you as it did me.


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