Wedding Madness

This weekend was my friend Morgan’s wedding. She got engaged in September of 2011, or  what feels like a long time ago.

She was telling me before I left for Korea that she thought Kyle was going to propose soon. They were nearing their four year anniversary and he’d been talking about it. I know she’d been looking forward to it for a while, and so I know she must have been excited about it.  Every time I skyped with my parents about it, they’d say that it was a pretty long engagement…indeed it was!

The last few months I haven’t gotten to see Morgan as much as I used to. She was busy with wedding preparations, and she was waiting for Kyle to graduate so that they could be making plans together. All of a sudden, it was really close. First was wedding dress shopping, then bridesmaid dress shopping, her  bridal shower, and then the couple days before her wedding, where things really got crazy.

Thursday night, Morgan, Kara and I went to The Blackhorse, where we enjoyed a delicious meal.  There was a new candy store across from it that we  patroned, and then we got some frozen yogurt. We came back to Morgan and Kyle’s apartment and played Scattergories, which her friend Kiersten(sp) brought. This was her bachelorette party, a low-key event which was probably what Morgan needed. Little did we know what Friday had in store!

Eating at the Blackhorse for Morgan's next to last day of singleness!
Eating at the Blackhorse for Morgan’s next to last day of singleness!

Friday was the rehearsal dinner. I’ve never been a part of a wedding before as a bridesmaid, so I had totally not remembered that the rehearsal part comes first, not the dinner. So when I heard that it was at 6, I thought that we were going to eat at 6. This didn’t help me tell Jan the right time to meet, and he ended up waiting until I finally got my bearings with the situation. We rehearsed the two different ways the wedding could go: rain (with the tents they had just gotten) and no rain, which was what Morgan had planned on until hearing the less-than-ideal forecast. We went and ate at The Catfish House, a longstanding Clarksville restaurant. I hadn’t been there in years. Evidently they had moved locations since I had last went. The new location looks great, and the food was pretty good too.

rehearsal dinner
rehearsal dinner

Things were still relaxing overall.  Jan took me back to Morgan’s parent’s house, and then when I came inside things got sad. Morgan had recently come to the realization that things wouldn’t work out with having the wedding at her house. One (or both?) of the tents were leaking rainwater and it had made the tent muddy. The stress of this and the disappointment of not being able to have her wedding where she had been planning to for over a year led to her having a very difficult couple of minutes.

Kara called our youth minister from High School, and he said he would see if we could have the wedding there. We all went to bed not knowing where Morgan would get married, with the wedding happening the next day! We ended up painted our toe nails and nails, but not watching a DVD or using the face masks I bought. Everyone was feeling pretty subdued.

The next morning, when everyone was finally up we started to look into more options. Our old church was a no-go, because there was a college graduation that was reserved for the student building we thought was available. I was about the call my Uncle who is a pastor, Katie was calling our small group leaders, Kate was checking out different hotels, and Kara was going to dig into her network, when we received a call from  Morgan’s mom. It turned out her grandparents had called their old church and they would allow us to hold the wedding there. Yay!! The only drawback to this was that we were going to have to move all of the stuff from Morgan’s parents’ house to the church. We were finding this good news out at 10am, and the wedding was at 6pm. Needless to say, it was a lot of work and a lot of people going around and a good deal of delegating of tasks. I tried to keep up. Kate and I finally went out and got Taco Bell and grabbed the  maid of honor’s dress. After some more stuff at the church, we went to her the bride’s  parents’ house and got ready. One of Morgan’s sister’s friends did my hair, some nice curls that I loved.

Morgan putting on her wedding dress.
Morgan putting on her wedding dress.
Most of the bridesmaids, posing by the stairs.
Most of the bridesmaids, posing by the stairs.
Kate ,another one of my very best friends!
Kate ,another one of my very best friends!
This was during Morgan and Kyle's "first look."
This was during Morgan and Kyle’s “first look.”

When we got to the church, we were there only for a little bit before it was time for the ceremony. It was a little earlier than previously mentioned, since there was no driveway for people to noisily come up 🙂 When it was my turn to walk the aisle, I was very nervous and I think it will show in the pictures the photographer took. However, what matters is that Morgan looked happy and confident as she walked down the aisle. The ceremony she and Kyle did was more brief than what I remember from my youth when I went to weddings, a good thing to be sure. After the ceremony, the bridesmaids and groomsmen holed up for a minute while we waited to exit into the reception. Morgan and Kyle were then presented as Mr. and Mrs. Meador, and we all dug into the great food. When it was time for toasts, I did one for Morgan. I had forgotten my notecard at the house, and so did it off the cuff. I fumbled a bit but I was proud of myself for pushing through even though I was nervous. Morgan’s sister caught the  bouquet, and Morgan’s mom exclaimed, “No, I’m not gonna do this again!”

After the ceremony, Kate and I were silly!
After the ceremony, Kate and I were silly. or crazy.
The wedding party keeping it classy ;)
The wedding party keeping it classy 😉

Afterward, we went to a liquor store, and Morgan got the ingredients for a drink. (In her wedding dress, haha!) We headed back to the house, and Jan joined us again shortly thereafter. This was his second wedding of the day…he was a busy wedding-goer that day! It was really neat, because we were all sitting in Morgan’s family’s kitchen, trying our hand at memorization exercises, telling stories about the old days, and enjoying each other’s company. It was pretty late by the time Jan and I headed out. I didn’t get to bed until 4 am on Sunday morning. It was the conclusion to a hectic weekend, but bittersweet because one of my best friends was embarking on this lifetime journey. I love her very much and I hope we can always be friends, even though our lives may change.  I wish her and Kyle only the very best as they begin their marriage together.

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