Runners Hub Rotary Park Trail Race 2.0

The shirt was a men's small, they didn't do women's tees. Bonsai tree on the top left.
The shirt was a men’s small, they didn’t do women’s tees. Bonsai tree on the top left.

Last Saturday I ran the Rotary Park Race 2.0. This was at Rotary Park, same as the first race of the series. It was 5 miles. The course was about the same, but there were more parts of the park used to get the additional mileage. There was also an uphill ending…

This race was longer, and I had been training with Jan for it for the several weeks leading up to it. We’d occasionally run at Rotary Park to get some practice in and so I could adjust to the hills. The male and female winners of the race got trail shoes like the race before, and this time I hoped to win them. Last time I was very close but apparently my shoes touched the sensor pad less than a second after the first place person.

I spent too much time in miles 2-3 running behind someone who was a little slower than I was, and now I see that it (and my failure to be quicker and adjust my pace as I knew I should have) contributed to my greater defeat this time around. Though I knew I had waited much too long to speed up, I broke as I was passed, even walking to the finish line.
I walked around with Jan for a bit and then shook the first place woman’s hand. She said I had made her work hard.

For second place, I got a Bonsai tree and a pair of socks. The Bonsai tree is very pretty, but I think I’m going to give it away because I see that they are high maintenace and I dont’ want it to die. …Unless someone comments on here and tells me that a novice plant owner is likely to be able to keep it alive and has good tips 😉

I have many feelings about this race, but suffice to say that I see that I have some work to do and that I can learn from this experience. It stunk to be beat, and especially in a situation where I wanted the prize so much, but there are other races to be run and other goals to be met.

It was harder than I’m writing on here, but I wasn’t sure how to express it. At Jan’s encouragement I took a week off of running and now I feel like I can get going again.


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