Brain Fog

One of the things that has plagued my existence for the past 7-8 years is my brain fog.

I just spent another 20 minute search looking for solutions on websites.

I have considered anxiety, ADD, just being dumb, having some kind of nutritional deficiency, and other options. My quest to just feel AT EASE in a normal everyday situation has become a consuming goal for me.

Being assertive is one thing, and I certainly need to work on that no matter what. And I have work to do on with learning how to communicate with others.
My difficulty with just staying present and engaged in totally ordinary situations has led me avoid contact with others a lot of the time. I feel incompetent and embarrassed when I can’t stay on task in work or conversations and I often  feel mentally lethargic.

I’m considering taking a supplement if I find out I need one, and I’ve heard that going to a Homeopathic doctor can help. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas who stumbles across this blog, I am all ears, but I’ll take whatever I hear with a grain of salt.

I will defeat this brain fog, even if I can’t quite eliminate it. There is a solution. IF I can, I want to try to stay away from drugs that I need to take long-term.

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