Think twice before comparing yourself to a friend on Facebook

The thing that I forget about Facebook and Twitter and the Internet (and real life) is that no one has it totally together. It’s not an excuse to quit trying, but it is a reason to take postings and news on Facebook with a grain of salt.

Too often I’ll find myself on Facebook,  looking at everyone’s postings. I spend double or triple the time looking at other people’s stuff as I do posting my own  things. Sometimes I want to  delete it, and I know that would be band-aid at best. How to balance this fun world of living vicariously, with trying to figure out my own affairs?

I don’t want to compare myself to others so much. I want to be more calm and not say or do things I regret later.

Sometimes I just sit here and mindlessly type, and so I think I’ll stop here.

There is a lot to be thankful for. God is always good, no matter what I think.


One thought on “Think twice before comparing yourself to a friend on Facebook”

  1. I guess comparing is human behaviour. However, one has to remember that the virtual world and to some extend even real life, is merely a reflection of what people want to show the world. It is in no way the full truth.
    The majority of people struggle with thoughts and feelings on a regular basis, what we see is the “accomplished” side.

    You have accomplished a lot already, been on exchange, worked abroad, travelled a lot, have family and friends to cherish and who cherish you….

    You don’t have to have the life-pland all ready!


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