DIY Labor Day weekend

Jan is dang good at reading up on car things and fixing them. Let me explain.

Saturday, we went together to walmart for my car.  I wanted an oil change and to get my tires rotated. I was convinced Walmart did 90,000 mile checkups too, but I was  mislead. They do very basic tuneups. Anyway, so this meant I would have to find somewhere else to get my 90,000 miles done. That was the first little bummer. I found out while trying to get my tires rotated that the front two were already too worn and needed to be replaced. It was leaving Walmart where I began to notice something was wrong with my left tail light.

After this news, Jan went to the car wash to get the dust off his car. I followed him and decided on a whim to get mine washed too. After leaving the car wash, however, I saw my passenger side mirror hanging off the side of the car. This is the same passenger side mirror that I nearly knocked off while backing out of Dad’s garage a few months ago, and the same one that was repaired for free through some kind of paste. Now it was just hanging off the side again. I was pretty upset.

Sunday, we went to Firestone to see the cost of a 90,000 mile tuneup at Firestone. It was well over 300 dollars. I was dumbstruck. I know big-name places overcharge, but this was beyond what even I thought they would do. Looking over the list,  Jan thought we could fix it ourselves. He suggested I go by Advance Auto Parts and Autozone. We went there, and got the various supplies. That night he (and I too, at times) changed the engine air filter, back tail light, and flushed the radiator.

Monday, we replaced the cabin air filter and the fuel filter. This was a real job. We both agreed that even though mechanics charge a lot, the labor is no joke. Thanks to Jan helping me, I saved over 200 dollars of labor and overcharging. Yeah! The next time I get a car, though, it will most likely not be a Ford.

Hard at work :)
Hard at work 🙂

I didn’t understand the large majority of what Jan was doing while working on the car, but it was invigorating to have done it ourselves. Here’s to the next 90,000 miles.


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