Runners Hub Rotary Park Trail Race 3.0

Friday was the deadline for the 3rd and last race in the Rotary Park race series held this year. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, so I didn’t sign up early. As time went on, I forgot almost completely about the race. Jan reminded me two days ago about the race registration deadline on the 10th. I went to register online, only to find out the deadline was at 2am that morning. Undeterred, I asked the running group on facebook if they knew whether I could sign up. Long story short, I was able to register. In fact, I paid this morning  😉

The run started out the way the other two did, with a long, sloping uphill designed to separate the runners from each other. More of the race was downhill than last time, which was nice. The end was up the same long, sloping uphill and it is difficult the second time around!  I find it harder to write about these trail runs than road races because the race feels like a blur.  I was in with a group of men for most of the race, passing a person or two.   I was the second woman to finish.

After the race, the Runners Hub gave out medals to the people who did all three races. I got one of these. They were made from real wood too, and smelled really nice. For being the second woman overall I got a bamboo plant. For being first in my age group, I got a glass with the race’s name on it. A good haul!  My bonsai tree from the last race died so I was happy to get a “low maintenance” plant this time. I’m slowly populating the house with my race plants 😉

3 timer's medal
3 timer’s medal

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