3rd Annual Go Commando 5K& 1/2 Marathon 2013

Saturday October 19th was the second annual Go Commando Half Marathon and 5k.

Last year  (http://wp.me/p1zgGw-91) I did the  Go Commando half marathon and was surprised by the hills and overall uneven terrain of the race. I didn’t know for the longest time if I wanted to do the Half Marathon this year. I was so unenthusiastic and unprepared for it that Jan suggested I save myself some disappointment and do the 5k.  We began training for it a few months ago. I hoped to break 21 minutes for the 5k, something I did earlier this year during a time trial, or better.

This year’s race was better organized. There were trolleys to pick people up, the medals were real medals on a ribbon instead of cheap looking (no offense) medals that were on a chain and didn’t differentiate between 5k and 1/2 Marathon like last year’s. The race was held at the newly built Liberty Park and Marina. This central location served as the beginning and end for both races. The food was close to the finish line, an improvement from the food that was something like a quarter or half mile away last year.

I can’t say if the half marathon felt any different this year since I didn’t run it. The 5k started 30 minutes after the half. The whole thing was in Liberty Park grounds. It started out downhill and everyone responded accordingly with a speedy start. Jan and I both felt like we didn’t run fast enough the first two miles, this hurt our performance later in the race. There were several sharp turns that I didn’t like. I would rather have had some of the race be outside the park than to deal with those turns. Around the 2nd mile Jan pulled away. He finished around half a minute before I did. I forgot to turn off my watch, so for a while I didn’t know the distance or time. Jan got a distance of 3.16 according to his watch, so the course may have been a little long. Unfortunately, neither of us got our goal times, though Jan was close to his secondary goal.  I learned that I need to do more speed type workouts. I have pretty good endurance but my legs weren’t moving like I needed them to be moving.

When the 5k started it was drizzling outside. By the time we finished the 5k, the dripping turned to pouring. Coupled with the low temperatures, it was downright cold. Jan and I went inside and got some clothes from our bags and went outside to cheer on 5k and half marathon finishers. We went inside and outside several times as these finishers continued to trickle in.

The awards ceremony was inside the Expo building where the race expo had been the day before. It was kind of cramped. The mayor of Clarksville was there and (I think) the CEO of the local electric company. Having the awards ceremony indoors was the backup plan in case it rained. Jan won his age group and was 10th overall. He got a cool looking pin-on medal. I was 2nd overall female and got a gift certificate and and wooden Go Commando picture frame.

Demonstrating my immense strength ;)
Demonstrating my immense strength
Hanging out with some CRC people

I had a good time with Jan cheering on runners and hanging out with folks from the running club.  The race itself was okay, my biggest complaint would be all the sharp turns we had to make.  I will need to do more speed workouts to have a better race. Would I go again? Probably. This is turning into one of the best local races to be a part of. 🙂


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