How I Want to Stop Saying “I think.”

I say the words “I guess,” more frequently than I want to admit. (a LOT!)  It’s no secret that I’m unsure of a lot of things. But whenever I have the power of choice over my words and actions and I keep going along with my comfortable go-to phrases, I’m robbing myself of the ability to change my future.

I read this article today:

and I found it to be short and simple. I am going to do my best to not preface or end my statements with words that undermine what I am saying.  By using the filler words and phrases in the first two columns below, I am not owning my statement.

These phrases include:

I think
I don’t know
I guess

Instead of saying:
I think
I don’t know
I guess

I want to say:
I know
I want
I need

Like the author of the article I pasted above, I’m going to mess up.  I can take note of an error and correct it on the spot.  By trying not to, and taking these words out of my everyday instant vernacular, I’m going to become the person who gets what they ask for, directly. (And not through hinting or waiting around for another person to give to me.)



2 thoughts on “How I Want to Stop Saying “I think.””

    1. Thanks G 🙂

      “In my opinion” and “According to me.” I’ll see about using those as well.

      If I can stop saying I Guess so much, I’ll count that as an improvement. I want to change that habit!!

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