Looking ahead

In 2014,

I want to make a few friends.

I want to take measures to be a better friend and girlfriend.

I want to start learning an instrument. I bought a harmonica.

I want to visit a career counselor and figure out a better idea of my skill set.

I want to take measures to help myself worry less and concentrate better. (and to be more Assertive)

I want to visit my friend Kate in the Midwest.

I want to do something that helps others.


Here are my specifc resolutions:

Take a picture every day.

Write a sentence in my journal every day.

Take 3-5 minutes to breathe and do power poses in the morning.

Go to a career counselor for at least 6 sessions

Make time for friends at least once a month

( a possible bonus resolution: Take a class or join a professional organization to get more skills)


“Research shows that one of the best predictors of emotional health is the ability to anticipate and savor future pleasures.”



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