Card makin’


This first picture is from the back of a card I made today. I didn’t realize a friend and I shared the same birthday month, so I decided to make a card for her.

The front of my card
The front of the card

I would show you the front side, but just in case she looks I’ll just show you the back 🙂 There’s a Dr. Seuss quote in the middle, that’s why I put the hat on there.


With the left over pant, I went and “painted” my name in the snow. I went outside barefoot. This is left over snow, it wasn’t as cold outside as you would think. The ice did make my feel feel cold though.


I accidentally squeezed out too much paint onto the newspaper that separated me from the table. I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I put it on another card that I’ll send out in the future.

I like making cards. I like that other people like them, too.


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