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Interesting article about managing time terribly

“I’m terrible at doing what people tell me I should do, but I still get things done. I’m not sure why this is, but here is my best guess:

I manage my desires more than my time.”

I kind of like this guy’s perspective.

I  have a hard time managing time. It could be a learning disorder, it could be a bad habit.  I’m not sure and maybe it doesn’t really matter. The past year and a half have been a demonstration in my concentration problems.

I knew people in South Korea who returned after their year abroad to jobs the following weekend after getting back. Their focus and network contributed to starting a job right after the first one was finished. I have applied to numerous jobs in a couple fields I have really wanted  to work in without any luck yet.  I’ve  also applied to jobs in fields I have no interest in, and I have a hard time pretending to really want to be a phone operator or to work in the  clerk’s office.

Is it knowing themselves that lets others get farther, sooner? Is it their work ethic? Their friendly demeanor and lack of social anxiety?

People want experience and skills. I’m now going to work on getting more computer skills, and  asking around to others who have gotten jobs I would like to have eventually.  I have a small network and I want to fix that.

Then there are times when I go to and start studying Spanish. Because I’m more interested in that sometimes, and because I can see results soon after. Yo soy una mujer. (<—-Don’t ask me to say anything more complicated than that yet.)  I may never get a job where I can use my budding Spanish skills, but does it matter? I like this website and it’s cool to think that I now have a little bit of knowledge.  It’s productive procrastination.

I want to see the world. I want to contribute meaningfully to my closest relationships but not be a pushover.  I want to remember and not forget as much. I want to be treated kindly.  I want to make a living and not be underemployed. I want to be able to save money to retirement every month.   I want to have a job where I can put some money aside, but can afford a vacation.  Those things I could answer in an interview, but instead I forget how to answer “where I see  myself going professionally.” I think part of my employment problem is that I don’t know where I see myself going professionally. I see where I want to go personally (sometimes) but I don’t know what kind of person I am professionally, other than one who needs to enter the professional world or risk never getting anywhere.

The gist of this article is that “getting ahead” can be more of:

saying no, telling the truth (to yourself as well as others), making time for others, and if it works better for you- not always finishing what you start in business.  The writer recommends losing to-do lists, and keeping track of “did” lists.

My favorite:

Don’t do hard boring useless things.

So much of what work is involves keeping the workers busy. Workers who want more meaningful work have to ask for it, but what I think ends up happening tends to be that they are just given more work instead of quality work.  I can give better work, even as I look for something better. If I can’t give my best at a job I don’t want for 30 years, it’s harder to believe I can give my best at a job I really want.

What some people fantasize about might be my greatest nightmare. This kind of stuff is subjective.

What are we talking about anyway? We are talking about your time on earth, so before you decide on how to manage your time, you need to know what you want your life to be about. You cannot have it all and therefore if you concentrate on one thing then something else will have to give.

We can’t have it all. When we try to have everything, something inevitably suffers. Even when we have most of what we want, it is at the expense of a former dream or desire.  There are a few things I have to decide about because they affect me and others, and being on the fence doesn’t help my personal relationships or my job prospects. I haven’t found my focus yet.  I used to think I knew who I wanted to be like. That hasn’t worked out, no matter who I currently want to be like.

Conan O’Brien says it well:

 “It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique. It’s not easy, but if you accept your misfortune and handle it right, your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound re-invention.” (from his 2011 speech at Dartmouth.

Ah, that was a cathartic little blog post. Perhaps I rambled a bit, too.

Here’s the link.,3,44448,2/


Natalie Pope Boyce

My mother dies her hair and started long before she got any gray hairs.

I noticed my first gray hair at 19. I occasionally dye my hair with semi-permanent hair dye, but the only permanent dye I get done are highlights from time to time. It’s not only because it’s healthier to not dye hair much, but also because it’s not fun for me to dye over a permanent color that is slowly growing out.

This picture is of Natalie Pope Boyce. She coauthors books with her sister Mary Pope Osborne. I saw her picture on the back of a book I was labeling. I hope my hair looks like hers when I’m that age.
If not, I may dye it.


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Come on, Weather Channel!

The weather channel is an interesting site, notorious for their sometimes strange and unrelated articles and pictures. Nonetheless, many people (including myself) are often entertained by their articles and enjoy getting our weather information from a reliable source.

Then this comes along:

ImageSo what do you think? Should the weather channel hire me? I think so. I could help with their editing department at the very least 😉

Korea is Konfusing

Please excuse my face. I’m being told conflicting things about summer camp.

Two things I have going on:  1.  The other day, I went to the post office to send off some things to the states. Originally I wanted to send the two boxes by airmail, but was informed that would cost around 117,000 won or $101.00.  So, I opted for the slow route, or surface mail. It was 30,400 won, or about $26. Much better! The downside to this arrangement was that I had to buy their box, and combine the two into one box. And then, the box may not make it to my Dad’s house until 2-3 months from now. The amount of time I can handle, it was mainly winter stuff. My concern comes in when I marked “treat as abandoned” in order to not have to pay even more to ensure that it gets there if they somehow can’t deliver it. Using surface mail is risky enough all ready, but I wouldn’t want to be conned into spending more money to guarantee its arrival. I’m worried about my stuff not making it to Dad’s. After all, surface mail means it goes by ship, land, all that stuff, and who knows what could happen? I’m trying not to worry about it. The next day I sent another box around 5,000 grams or 11lbs, and that was 72,000 won  for airmail (I want to guarantee getting that one back, thank you very much) Anyway, sending stuff back home is easy enough but can get expensive.

2. Summer camp.  Winter camp was a relatively easygoing affair the last time around. I was asked by my coteacher to prepare the lesson plans for camp in a certain way, but I told her the way I did it was the only way I felt I could do it well. She eventually backed off, and the camp went without many problems.

This time around, they are wanting so much, so fast. I am expected to prepare an outline, that was done in April.  No problem. Then, I am told last week to make it more detailed but that it doesn’t have to be “all completely done,” according to one co-teacher. The other says, no, it has to be done, and you have to include every single thing. Even now details are mixed. My 5th grade co-teacher and I have just talked, and I understand more of what they want. Still, it is stressful! I have to revise my plans, and then get all the materials together that I will use to be made into a book to be given to the students (presumably to hand to them at camp each day)…so much so soon! I asked for the “deadline” to be extended.

HAPPY 1 YEAR WordPress!


There’s not much behind this post, except that I was deleting old emails and saw the email I received from WordPress after I signed up. The email is dated May 15, 2011.  I’m a little late, but I thought I would celebrate having this blog for a full year!

In that time, I have had several people follow me, and at least twice the views I received on my account.