Books I read in 2011

I’m going to keep up with the books I read this year. Expect this post to be updated periodically as I finish the books I read.

1. Emotional Intelligence  Christine Wilding (very good read. I highly recommend)

2. Choosing God’s Best Dr. Don Raunikar. GREAT book, but a little frustrating because I don’t know how I could even begin courting when I don’t know anyone who really has done it or understands what it fully is.

3. Lenten Lands by Douglas H. Gresham. This is a great book. It’s Gresham’s story of how his divorced mother met and fell in love with C.S. Lewis and their subsequent relationship, but is mainly about his life in general and his life after C.S. Lewis died.

4. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Stephanie Meyer. If you enjoyed the Twilight series, this is a must-read. It’s based on the attack scene that happens in the book Eclipse, but it is from a newborn vampire’s point of view. It goes into the deception she and the others are given in order that they will attack Bella and EdwardLOVED this book, though the bit where Krakauer writes two chapters about how his life corresponds with the protagonist’s feel a bit long and off-track. Fantastic read for travelers of any age. and his family.

5. The Silver Kiss Annette Curtis-Klause. It’s about a vampire who meets a human girl (maybe cliche’, but ya know) and she ends up helping him as much as he helps her. It was a little bit of a weak spot with me, being a love story, so I am going to be careful with reading books like that in the future. It’s a pretty good read, and a quick one too. It was written in 1990, long before Edward Cullen was a sparkle in  our eyes.

6. Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert

I assume that most of you who find this blog have heard of the book. It’s one woman’s story of finding peace, love,  and “God” across three different  cultures. I don’t align with her religious views, but I found her book entertaining for sure. Great read.

7. The Four Loves C.S. Lewis.  A great book that is about the way we love others, and how friendship is differentiated from friendship, affection, etc. It’s a really good book. At first I had a hard time getting into it, but as I kept reading I was drawn in. It’s a book that is not only good, but makes you feel smart to have finished it.

8. In a Pit with a Lion on a Cloudy Day Mark Batterson. This is a book that anyone who is having trouble mustering up the courage to chase their “lions” a.k.a. opportunities, I defintely recommend this book. It’s all about Benaiah, the hardly mentioned but very courageous first in command to King David, and how all of us can live lives like his.

9. The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis. This book is hard to describe, but it is really good.  It takes place as C.S. Lewis’s character travels from Hell to something like Heaven. I highly recommend it.

10. The Outsiders S.E. Hinton. “A classic coming-of age book” in every sense of the word. Parts of it were a little hard to believe, but overall a great book about how just because we are in different money situations doesn’t mean that fighting will fix


11. Water for Elephants Sara Gruen. Very good book, and it is obvious the author has done research about Depression-era circuses. Parts of it were a little uncomfortable to read (the sexual parts)but overall it is a thoroughly entertaining read!

12. Outlive your life Max Lucado

13. Nightlight The Harvard Lampoon. This book is a parody of Twilight, and by the end of the book, you will either feel really dumb or want to start making fun of the twilight books as well.

14. The Great Connection by Arnie Warren. A very quick read, this book is an elaboration of the DISC assessment. It’s really good for anyone who would like to read about the different personality types and how to connect with these as well as oneself. It’s set in a story format instead of the usual blunt format, though, FYI.

15. The Help Kathryn Stockett. What a good book! I was trying to read other books before this one, but I kept getting pulled back in. This is a book set in the 60s in Jackson, Mississippi. Written from the perspective of a white socialite and two black maids in an era where civil rights were really just beginning and it was still dangerous to be on the “wrong side,” this is a great book that had me glued from start to finish.

16. So Long, Insecurity Beth Moore. I really enjoyed this book. I am a lifelong battler of insecurity, and this book is a great resource on how to deal with insecurity as well as not allow it to define me as a woman.

17. What Christians Like  Jon Acuff. Hliarious book about the crazy things Christians do and don’t do.  A must read for anyone with a sense of humor 🙂

18. Boundaries Drs. Cloud and Townsend. Of all the books I have mentioned, this is by far the best and most enlightening book I have read this whole year, and possibly ever (save the Bible). I’m serious. Even if you think everything is fine with you, still please read this book. It is a very important book.

19. The Long Valley John Steinbeck      The only thing I didn’t like about this book at times was the very thing that defined it. Just when I would get into one of the stories in the book, it would be over! All of the stories really made me think, and they give a unique insight as to what it must have been like in those days, living in the Salinas Valley. It was like reading real stories about people who really existed.

20. Remember Who You Are Arron Chambers. A good book for either a college graduate, HS graduate, or anyone before and after, this book features a series of things that all of us as Christians “are”,  followed up with questions at the end of each chapter.

21. A Grief Observed C.S. Lewis

22. Every Young Woman’s Battle Shannon Ethridge and Stephen Arterburn  Wow…This book blew me away. It is a great book for any girls (or curious guys) in the teens to early twenties. This book is an in-depth look at dating, the steps from friendship to dating, perversions of God’s will for our sexuality, and how to guard ourselves spiritually, mentally, and bodily. A MUST-READ for any young Christian woman.

23. Into the Wild Jon Krakauer. Love this book! It is an interesting contrast with the film. I almost recommend watching the film first and then reading the book. The edition I read was interesting in that it was written after Chris died but before they figured out that he most likely died of something other than poisoning (which the film insinuates)

24. Heaven is for real Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.   A quick read, this book is about 3 year old Colton Burpo’s extraordinary journey to heaven during the 3 minutes he was dead while having his burst appendix removed. I highly recommend it!


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