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Interesting article about managing time terribly

“I’m terrible at doing what people tell me I should do, but I still get things done. I’m not sure why this is, but here is my best guess:

I manage my desires more than my time.”

I kind of like this guy’s perspective.

I  have a hard time managing time. It could be a learning disorder, it could be a bad habit.  I’m not sure and maybe it doesn’t really matter. The past year and a half have been a demonstration in my concentration problems.

I knew people in South Korea who returned after their year abroad to jobs the following weekend after getting back. Their focus and network contributed to starting a job right after the first one was finished. I have applied to numerous jobs in a couple fields I have really wanted  to work in without any luck yet.  I’ve  also applied to jobs in fields I have no interest in, and I have a hard time pretending to really want to be a phone operator or to work in the  clerk’s office.

Is it knowing themselves that lets others get farther, sooner? Is it their work ethic? Their friendly demeanor and lack of social anxiety?

People want experience and skills. I’m now going to work on getting more computer skills, and  asking around to others who have gotten jobs I would like to have eventually.  I have a small network and I want to fix that.

Then there are times when I go to Duolingo.com and start studying Spanish. Because I’m more interested in that sometimes, and because I can see results soon after. Yo soy una mujer. (<—-Don’t ask me to say anything more complicated than that yet.)  I may never get a job where I can use my budding Spanish skills, but does it matter? I like this website and it’s cool to think that I now have a little bit of knowledge.  It’s productive procrastination.

I want to see the world. I want to contribute meaningfully to my closest relationships but not be a pushover.  I want to remember and not forget as much. I want to be treated kindly.  I want to make a living and not be underemployed. I want to be able to save money to retirement every month.   I want to have a job where I can put some money aside, but can afford a vacation.  Those things I could answer in an interview, but instead I forget how to answer “where I see  myself going professionally.” I think part of my employment problem is that I don’t know where I see myself going professionally. I see where I want to go personally (sometimes) but I don’t know what kind of person I am professionally, other than one who needs to enter the professional world or risk never getting anywhere.

The gist of this article is that “getting ahead” can be more of:

saying no, telling the truth (to yourself as well as others), making time for others, and if it works better for you- not always finishing what you start in business.  The writer recommends losing to-do lists, and keeping track of “did” lists.

My favorite:

Don’t do hard boring useless things.

So much of what work is involves keeping the workers busy. Workers who want more meaningful work have to ask for it, but what I think ends up happening tends to be that they are just given more work instead of quality work.  I can give better work, even as I look for something better. If I can’t give my best at a job I don’t want for 30 years, it’s harder to believe I can give my best at a job I really want.

What some people fantasize about might be my greatest nightmare. This kind of stuff is subjective.

What are we talking about anyway? We are talking about your time on earth, so before you decide on how to manage your time, you need to know what you want your life to be about. You cannot have it all and therefore if you concentrate on one thing then something else will have to give.

We can’t have it all. When we try to have everything, something inevitably suffers. Even when we have most of what we want, it is at the expense of a former dream or desire.  There are a few things I have to decide about because they affect me and others, and being on the fence doesn’t help my personal relationships or my job prospects. I haven’t found my focus yet.  I used to think I knew who I wanted to be like. That hasn’t worked out, no matter who I currently want to be like.

Conan O’Brien says it well:

 “It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique. It’s not easy, but if you accept your misfortune and handle it right, your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound re-invention.” (from his 2011 speech at Dartmouth.

Ah, that was a cathartic little blog post. Perhaps I rambled a bit, too.

Here’s the link. http://qz.com/172718/if-you-manage-your-time-terribly-youll-get-more-done/#/h/44440,3,44448,2/


To Friends on WordPress

Friends on WordPress, I’m reading a book that is suggesting a different approach to finding employment. I’m now going to look and see which jobs are in demand. Maybe I’ll have better luck with one of those, who knows? I’m posting this because I probably have friends or followers out there who know about available job postings in “in-demand” fields. If you do, then please contact me. Even if it’s a field that you work in that you feel is little-known about (and don’t necessarily know of job postings) still feel free to contact me.  Finding a job is a lot more about who you know than where you find job openings, I’m realizing. Thanks 🙂

New development

Today I had my first interview in  like two months I believe. It was nice because it was with someone I know through my bible study. It was so cool to see someone choose me to interview not just because they knew me (though that was the initial reason) but  also because my resume had no spelling or written errors. She is going to interview a few more people, and her fellow staff member had heartily recommended someone, but I’m still in the running. The trouble is that I am not sure if that is the field I want to go into or not long-term.  My friend said this was something important to consider, so I will do that. I want to be a good fit. I am also not sure if my temperament is the best for this as well.

I shouldn’t take just any job, I should have some aptitude for it. This is news to me. For some reason I just figured since I don’t have the aptitude for what I used to consider my dream job (study abroad advisor) that it didn’t matter as much what I did. With the way my mind works, I am more apt to come back to my short-comings instead of remembering how far I’ve come.  Why is it so hard to remember the good things about myself and to separate behaviors from my self-worth?

I AM valuable, and I HAVE TALENTS, even if I don’t know what they are. Even if it seems like I have nothing to offer this world. God made me with some kind of skill-set, and it’s my half of the bargain to keep trying to find a niche. Sometimes I want to give up. But then someone will remind me of all the things I have been blessed with, like growing up in a household where I never wanted for food or clothing or health care.

The world doesn’t owe me anything. God doesn’t owe me anything. He is waiting for me to notice him and to thank him instead of coming to him (and everyone else) with everything that is wrong. So what if I can’t concentrate the way I want to and I have trouble with assertiveness and accepting love and giving love to others? Those things are not the end of the world. I can make goals and dedicate myself to not just “becoming better” but to becoming the woman God knows I can be, and appreciating the good things about myself and those around me.

Mercedes Marathon….8 days away!

I  haven’t been updating much lately.

My job search is ongoing, but things are finally starting to look up. I haven’t gotten anything in the bag yet, but this search has been a challenge that I think will help me to grow. I have had some pretty challenging moments in wondering about my ability, but I can do it! I think I’m getting closer and closer to finding a job each day.

Running: The title of this post refers to it. My boyfriend and I are going a week from now to run 26.2 miles of insanity. I already know I’m going to write a weekend recap after the race….I mean, this is a huge and pivotal moment (lasting several hours). Not everyone does a marathon…which makes it pretty dang special! I feel so  happy and blessed that I’ve been in good enough health to have trained this far. I know that not everyone has this health or this ability.

My Dad said the other day that when I run, my shoulders are up. But when we talk about my job search, I shrink in and my shoulders slump. If I can run, and run that far, I can find a job and be a confident woman. I can shoot for the moon.

2 months later, I’m in transition…to what??

This past weekend, I got to see the comedian Jim Gaffigan and spend a lovely drive to Indianapolis and back with my dear friend Morgan.All that driving gave me plenty of time to think. As of today, November 4th, I have been home for two  months.

In that time, I have been asked by more people than I can count whether I will teach more, and what my plans are next. I don’t know. What scares me the most about life right now is that I don’t have even the inkling of what I want to do next. I do have a small inkling that I want to work in a study abroad office, but I know that I don’t have the experience for that yet. How can I keep that in my sights but also find a job to support myself so that I can move out and begin life?

I do know that I love traveling.
I do know that I’ll always like running.
I do know I’m willing to go anywhere, but I just don’t know where. Or  how to get there.

The thought has crossed my mind numerous times that I can go back to school. When I think about that, I worry that I don’t have enough experience to qualify. I did graduate last May, and in that time I have only had one job (though I am about to start a part-time job at the mall.) I worry that with so little working time under my belt that I won’t be able to properly “sell myself” to a University. In truth, I don’t think I know about all the opportunities that are out there. I would be most interested in something that I could use even  if I find a job outside of a university, but most of all I want to be in the university environment.  See, I could go and get an Masters in English (and have a good amount of it covered with a GA position), but unless I want to become a professor, I might be digging a big hole for myself.

Volunteering experiences are something I think would be really neat, but they don’t seem like something that will bring me closer to being able to support myself. I would like few things more than spending a few months helping people, but with where I am in life I would need to do it for at least a little money. So far, I know there is the Peace Corps, but I am somewhat underqualified for them. There is also Americorps, which is similar but is based in the states only.

Teaching? I did have a good experience teaching in South Korea, though my friends on social networking sites often only got to see the unhappy side because those made more interesting status updates…and we all know that people only get online to vent and complain (uh..this blog post is constructive blogging…yeah)  Despite the good time I had, I am apprehensive about getting certified to teach. Teaching is a valuable and wonderful way to help the minds of the future, but I don’t think I want to have that job. I might give substitute teaching a try though, in the spring. There is something about instruction that I enjoyed.

Settling down?!? The same dear friend I mentioned earlier is getting married next May. Not all of my friends are married, but I have noticed my close friends are all coupled up. I know I have some soul searching and maturing to do before I’d make a good wife to someone. I find it harder to want to live a “free and easy” life when I truly want to be with someone. BUT that’s not all there is to life, and I don’t want to be so distracted by something I long for that I forget to have aspirations…or figure out what my aspirations are.

Living on my own?! When I was in Korea, I thought I more or less had it figured out. I would come back home and live with my mother for a few months and then I’d have a plan and I’d shoot for that. Things changed, and I’m at Dad’s now. He often clips articles from the job & career advice section for me to read. He means well, but it’s a (inadvertent?) near-constant reminder that I haven’t figured much out. A friend of mine last week was saying that staying busy tends to help him, and that he thought I will have a clearer idea of how things work when I move out. Until then, he said, I would be in limbo. He has a good point, I can’t say I’ve been making much headway since I’ve been back living here.

In short, I have been home for two months, and I’ve realized that I want to support myself. I’ve realized that I want to live in a different city and maybe eventually a different state…maybe country.  I want to go back to school eventually but I am scared that I won’t get accepted anywhere. I love traveling so much and if I could find something that would allow me to travel or would require it for my work I would love it.

Are you like me, just starting out and without a clue where to go? Or are you a seasoned veteran of this thing called transition? Do you have any words of advice or consolation?