A reflection on 2012…and wondering what 2013 will bring

2012 was a momentous year.

I began the year in South Korea. Last New Year’s Eve was spent with my new friend Jessa. This nye, I received a package from her in the mail, so in a way we did spend it together again. I went to Beijing, China, in January. In March I turned 23. I ran many races with the Seoul Flyers. I had my friend Gwen visit me for two weeks in what were some of the best times I had in Korea. I met many new friends. I considered staying in Korea for another year in May, and even started shopping around looking for another position. Ultimately I decided to go  home. I didn’t want to miss more weddings, as I had already missed two I really would have liked to have attended. My experience in Korea was at times much tougher than I expected…I definitely had a different idea in my mind of what it would be like. But after all has been said and done, I like the realistic version better. I did my second half marathon (the first having been five years ago) at the DMZ half in August. I went to Kyoto and Osaka Japan in August, too, and met some wonderful new friends there. I watched the movie Ghost in full for the first time while on that vacation I signed up for my first marathon in February 2013. I tried new foods.  I sweated all summer long in Korea. I said Goodbye to the wonderful people I met in Korea and looked ahead to what would happen at home.

I got home in September, and went on a road trip with my friend Morgan. We had a wonderful weekend in West Virginia. I was somewhat let down by my return home as I realized life had continued going while I was gone.  I did my 3rd half marathon in September. I did my 4th half marathon in October. I learned more about myself and what I want, though I am still not sure what I want to do for a career. I went to some career fairs. I got two part-time jobs, but it looks as if they are coming to an end soon. I went with Morgan and the other bridesmaids to look for her wedding dress. Two months later, we went to shop for bridesmaids dresses.  I have learned that I have to take things one step at a time. I have learned that I must speak up more. In November I asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to run with me sometimes for my marathon training plan, and then I met a boy. It was totally and completely unexpected. I am looking forward to where it goes, though as with many things in my life I still experience nervousness. I read 49 books. My goal was 50 but during this past month I haven’t been reading as much. I was pretty close though.

I may make adjustments to what I just wrote if I think of more things I want to add to this post. This year has been the fastest one of my life. It scares me how quickly time moves. I know that people usually say that at the end of the year, but this year I felt it. I know that life will continue to go by ever more quickly from this point onward.  My hope for 2013 is that I continue learning about how to be a stronger woman, and that I trust God in his plan for my life. I want to be thoughtful, but not complacent. I want to visit one new state so I can reach 25 states. I realize I will not always be able to travel as much as I got to this year.  I want to strive for my goals, but keep things in perspective.

Edit: 2012 was the year where I officially decided to go by my first name. I started the process in 2011, but I began to ask of people to call me this name with less hesitation and more confidence in 2012.

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